Friday, June 25, 2010

Oh, Hai.

Good Morning, Kittens!
Where have I been?  I love reading the blogs where everyone is all like "I am sooooo busy I don't have time to blog."  And, I really wish I could say that.  Except it would be a big fat hairy lie.  And I don't like to do that ...
Unless it involves my sexual escapades.  (haha.  kidding. all those stories are TOTALLY true)
ANYWAY, where have I been?  Right.  Here.  And why haven't I updated in ... um ... three (?) days?  Because nothing has happened.  Life has been dullsville.  I am tired of writing that I woke up and went to work and came home and had a martini and ate dinner and went to bed.  *sigh*  Such a snoozefest.
I think I need to start inventing something more interesting ... like, I dunno ... a textual affair with a 25-year-old Marine based in Arizona who is an aspiring model?  Except that wouldn't be made up. 
*look something shiny changes subject*
My weekend is going to be chock full of fun and excitement. 
Tonight, SCGB is having a little dinner gathering.  I'm bringing the margaritas.  I think he's making fajitas.  Nom.   And, at some point, I am hoping to meet up with this film director who is in town for the AFI's documentary filmfest, SilverDocs.  He looks short in his pictures (but he sent me a picture of *something else* that is definitely Not Short). 
Saturday, I have to mow the lawn.  And, I should go running (although I might do that Friday night).  In the evening, I have been invited out to Gaithersburg (or Germantown?) for a BBQ.  The issue:  I don't have any means to get there (because it is not metro accessible).  I supposed I could ask the Guy Who Looks Like the Cheating Cheater to drive me, but there's the whole issue of how I met the host (and what I think the host's intentions are).  So, here's the story:  I have been chatting with the host online for over a year (maybe two).  He's in a long-term relationship of about 20 years.  And, obviously, the relationship is open.  Because, I really think the only reason I was invited to this BBQ is so that the host can have the opportunity for a little side-action.  But maybe not.  Maybe it's all just Playful Chatroom Banter.  Only one way to find out though ... and that's to figure out how to get to whereever the BBQ is.
Finally, on Sunday, we have possibly the Most Exciting Event EVER!  I will be having brunch with Tam the Fabulous Canadian.  OMG.  I think I just swooned. (and then I will go to the pottery studio ... unless Tam forces me to drink too many bloody marys and I have to go home and lie down for a bit first).
And, there you have it.  Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. I take it DC doesn't have Zip car? That would save BBQ some problems.

  2. Yay Sunday!!! Looking forward to it.

  3. DC totes has Zip Car. All over the forking place.

  4. Inquiring minds WILL know what happened at the BBQ. Right?

  5. and yet, when I read your blog I'm always like "he's like, the busiest guy in the whole wide world!"