Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Walk a Mile in His Shoes

Good Morning, Kittens.

Recently on Facebook, a few "friends" besmirched my good name by insinuating that I own too many pairs of shoes (Is that even possible?). Thus, in my defense, I present to you, my true friends, every pair of shoes I own:

Let's start from the top left and work our way across, shall we?

Top Row: SuperCute Converse Chucks, SuperCute Madras Tommy Hilfiger (which are beginning to wear out. so sad), black Lottos (with light blue trim), canvas and leather Calvin Kleins, black lace-up Clarks, brown lace-up Dockers, brown slip-on Eccos, very old never wear anymore Birkenstocks, Japanese Geta. (Bold = current everyday work shoes)

Middle Row (right to left): More Japanese Geta, brown Kenneth Cole Reaction (aka Pottery Shoes), brown Streetcars (I owned an identical pair and they were *sooooo* comfortable. When they wore out, I bought a new pair and ... um ... not so comfortable. WTF?), Ben Sherman boots, square-toed boots, black square-toed Kenneth Cole Reactions, random brown shoes that i don't really like (they smell like chemicals. I should throw them out), ZoMG pink and green Converse high tops, black Vans with gray skulls.

Bottom Row (left to right): Steel-toed Doc Marten hiking/snow/work boots, Blue Timberland boots, beautiful Polo boots with funky red and black flannel, black Eccos, brown Doc Martens (which I love, but they don't love me), very expensive Italian dress shoes that are only worn on Very Special Occasions, Birkenstock clogs which are only worn around the house, Brooks running shoes.

Grand Total: 26 pairs. (I one shoe for every week of the year. That seems reasonable.)

SO, what say you? Too many? How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Have a great day!


  1. You are close to the edge of too muchness but not reaching Imelda Marcos territory just yet.

    I think we have too many. Our front entryway which is tiny is a minefield of shoes. There are only two of us and I wonder how the family down the street with four kids and two adults even gets in their door. (Same house)

    I have about 6 pair I wear on a regular basis, then some flip flops, winter boots of course and that's about it. I adore shoes but can never seem to find ones I really like, except sneakers, I'd buy sneakers till I drop but I resist for monetary reasons.

  2. I cleaned out my closet before the most recent move, so I only have 8 pair now - 2 sets work, 2 sets for working out, 2 casual evening or weekend, 2 pairs of flip-flops. I'll be needing boots again this winter.

    At my highest point, I think I had about 15 pairs.

  3. Jealous! Still, I am so totally going to show this to David when he starts telling me I have too many shoes again. I could still use a nice pair of brown dress shoes.

    Speaking of which, do you have good insoles for those brown Docs? I love my Docs, but a good pair of Spenco insoles is absolutely essential with them.

  4. Honestly...one can never have too many pairs of shoes.

    This actually looks a bit sparse to me...maybe you should go shoe shopping?

  5. As long as you wear them all with regularity, they aren't too many.

  6. Anonymous12:42 PM

    You can't have too many!

  7. rn terri9:07 PM

    You can NEVER have too many! I think I have close to 100 pairs.........

  8. i own 9 pairs of shoes: 3 pairs of sneakers (one super comfy, one pair black - also super comfy, and one pair for the gym only), 3 pairs of dress shoes (black semi-boots with zips, one black mary janes and one blue mary janes), 1 pair of winter boots (because not having a pair in saskatchewan is really stupid) and two pairs of sandals (ecco - both are the same) i'm not counting the dawgs (crocs) 2 pair and one pair knock off crocs.

    ok, if you insist on counting them i've got 12 pairs of shoes. one pair for every month.

  9. Wow, that's a whole lot of shoes. I've got 3 pairs. Sneakers, Birkenstocks and Work shoes (which I buy used). Four if you count the pair of old sneakers I keep for painting and yardwork.

    My gay card has already been revoked and I am now an honorary heterosexual dude.

  10. Tomokito11:13 AM

    Yes, you have too many. You have almost half of the pairs I have! (I exclude flip-flops. I don't approve them as shoes)

  11. Oh. My. GOD! I own a pair of black work shoes, brown work shoes, good sneakers, old sneakers, sandals, and a pair of boots. Six pair at any one time. I think you may own more shoes right now than I have all my freakin' life put together!!!


  12. That doesn't seem like too many shoes to me. My favorite shoes are my bedroom slippers.