Tuesday, June 29, 2010

At Some Point This Will All Make Sense

Good Morning, Kittens!
Yesterday was Quite. the. Day ... in that nothing really happened, but I'm going to make it seem that So Much is going on in my Fabulous Gay Life. 
Lessee ... at work the clusterfuckery continues.  There was supposed to be a big meeting today, at which I was to give a short presentation; however, the Person In Charge never sent out a meeting invite or bothered to come up with an agenda or schedule a room.  Thus, no meeting.  At least my presentation is ready for whenever the meeting happens.
Also, as I was on my third (and Much More Polite) draft of the email I was writing to the Pottery Studio about how inconvenient it was to find the studio closed on Sunday, I got an email from the studio manager.  She apologized for our troubles and said they would make it up to the students who showed up on Sunday. 
I went to the studio after work (my co-worker drove me there. yay!), and the studio is going to give us free clay.  Yay!  We *heart* free clay.  It still doesn't make up for the hours of time lost, the gallons of water sweated, and the neck sunburn, but it will do.  At the studio, I trimmed a bowl, a small casserole and a mug.  I came dangerously close to trimming through the bottom of the mug.  Oops.  Fingers crossed that it will be fine.  I also attached handles to the casserole and mug. 
On my way home, I stopped by Subway to pick up dinner.  Then, around 9:15, K-Factor and the Canadian came down for margaritas.  They forced me to make them margarita after margarita until I finally had to shout "I'm out of tequila!"  That would be when they left.  And I could fall into bed.
I woke up this morning and my right big toe hurts.  Ow.
And, let's discuss the new, extra-confusing Metro Fare increase.  The fares went up on Sunday. You might ask, "What's so confusing about an 18% increase?"  Well, let's take a look at some of my recent trips:
Sunday at noon: Silver Spring to College Park - $2.15
Monday early morning: Silver Spring to Stadium-Armory - $3:45
Monday around 8PM: College Park to Silver Spring - $1.85
Tuesday early morning: Silver Spring to Stadium-Armory - $2.85
Do those fares make any sense to you at all?  Also, the $2.85 this morning is $0.10 less than the fare before the increase.  WTF Metro?  W. T. F?
Finally, a Happy 36th Birthday to my favorite Amazon Sister, GayProf.  *extra special birthday smooches*
Have a great day!


  1. Yay for free clay, boo for sweating. I'm freezing my butt off here this morning, the contrast in temps is throwing me off. I think I need to go home and go to bed. That works.

  2. Your life is simply a whirlwind of fabulosity. I cannot keep up.