Thursday, June 03, 2010

Laundry and Real Estate

Good Morning, Kittens.
The phones at work are fully operational again.  Hurrah.  So, I've been catching up on my phone calls all morning. Such. Fun.
Last night, I did laundry.  Two loads!  I know.  And, then I made dinner - pasta with mushrooms and spinach.  I popped open a bottle of cava.   Then, SCGB texted.  I was planning on helping him mow the lawn last night, but he decided to postpone the mowing until today. Instead, I took the bottle of cava upstairs and we drank it in his beautifully staged apartment.
Yes, SCGB's Sister has decided to put the place up for sale.  *sigh*  While I hope it sells quickly and for a good price (in which "good price" = "more than I paid for mine"), I will be sad when SCGB has to move out.  *sniff* ... Unless, of course, the new buyer is also SuperCute and Gay (and single and hot for me).  But, as SCGB wisely stated last night, "the gayz don't want to live out here" (except for me ... and maybe SCGB).
So, if you're interested in living near VUBOQ, there is an open house on Saturday and Sunday from 1-3.   Come!  Be my neighbor!  You know you want to.
As for my plans today?  I will be meeting CJ for dinner at Alero in Dupont Circle after work.  I am pretty sure that we will be consuming many margaritas.  Then, I have a few phone calls to make (re: my fabulous weekend social life).
Enjoy the rest of your day!  *smooches*

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