Monday, June 07, 2010

Weekend Update: Cupcakes and Drama Edition

Good morning, kittens.
What a crazyfun weekend.  Friday evening, SCGB and Tomokito came down to my place and we had cupcakes (which I had purchased from Hello Cupcake in Dupont Circle during my *cough* two hour *cough* lunch break) and champagne.  Yum.
Then, Saturday morning, I got up early and went to the Silver Spring Farmer's Market with SCGB.  I bought several plants: sweet basil, habenero chili, and lemon verbena.  I spent the rest of the day blobbing on the sofa.  A little knitting.  A little reading.  A little putting the plants in the ground.  I made two types of infused vodka - green tea and brown tea.  The great thing about infused tea vodkas is they are done really quickly.  Srsly.  The brown tea vodka was done in about 4 hours.  Green tea took about 12 hours.  Later that evening, I had a "date" (with the same guy as last week, the one who reminds me the Cheating Cheater).  He brought a bottle of champagne, so we drank that and shared the last cupcake.  And then we had teh hot sweaty buttsecks.  for hours.  Fun.
Sunday morning, I went for a run.  It was HOT.  I was a drippy sweaty thirsty mess by the time I got home.  Yuck.  Later in the afternoon, I had plans to go with Mike (Who Makes Cakes) to a BBQ hosted by Brian.  About two hours before the BBQ, Mike called me.  And, that's when the drama started ...  see, what happened was on Friday night, Mike ran into Mr. Not Quite As Fantastic As I Originally Thought (NQAFAIOT) on P Street and invited him to join a group of friends for dinner.  Brian was there.  And, at some point during the dinner, Brian, who only knows that Mr. NQAFAIOT and I have broken up (but not the whole Airplane Ticket Affair), invited Mr. NQAFAIOT to the BBQ. 
Mike did not know this invitation had taken place ... until Sunday morning when Mr. NQAFAIOT texted him to ask directions to Brian's.  Mike immediately thought "What?"  and called me to let me know that Brian had invited Mr. NQAFAIOT and what I thought they should do.
In a normal situation, I would have been fine with him being at the BBQ.  Large group of people.  Big house.  Plenty of space to avoid him.  However, the break-up is still relatively fresh and I am still very angry over the whole Airplane Ticket Affair.  So, I said I would have more fun if he weren't there.  Mike said he would call Mr. NQAFAIOT to let him know.
And, that's when the real fun started.  Let's just say that Mr. NQAFAIOT did not endear himself to Mike.  In fact, instead of gracefully bowing out (as I -and, I think, most other people- would've done), he insulted me (by saying that *my* friends were letting their plans be hijacked by my emotional needs) and had an hour-long conversation with Mike about it.  He then said that he would call Brian to see what he thought.  So, in the end, rather than allowing that sometimes people make mistakes and being understanding, he made the situation worse and was told, in no uncertain terms, not to come. Of course, one of Brian's friends was taking bets that he would still show up.  I was not worried about that because (1) Mr. NQAFAIOT had only been to Brian's house one time before (with me in April) and (B) Mr. NQAFAIOT couldn't find his way out of a paper bag ... with a map.
Naturally, the BBQ was great fun.  Brian apologized for inviting Mr. NQAFAIOT (which was totally unnecessary.  I apologized for having poor taste in boyfriends). I met some really cool new people. The green tea vodka mixed with peach lemonade was DELICIOUS (although not many people drank it ... more for me!).  And, my ex-BFF showed up.  It's been long enough since he inexplicably decided to stop speaking to me that his presence is very easy to ignore though.  I did have a good time moving into rooms where he was and seeing how long it would take him to leave (about 5 minutes).
Good times.  And, have a great Monday!  *smooches*

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  1. I'm wondering why Mike (who bakes cakes) invited Mr. NQAFAIOT to join the gang for drinks in the first place. I mean, it was a nice gesture, but if I saw the ex of a good friend, I might say "hi" but that would be the extent of it. Ugh, awkward city. Glad it worked out in the end and glad you had fun toying with the ex-BFF.