Friday, June 11, 2010

And So It Goes ...

Good Morning, Kittens.
Yesterday, I did laundry.  Yay.  I can haz clean clothes.  Life is good.  Not much else is going on.  I am semi-busy preparing for my work trip to Denver next week.  I'll be there Monday through Thursday at the E2S2 Symposium.  Should be a networky good time. 
Work might be slightly busy today because of that.  We'll see ... I am already in a battle with the printer which refuses to print out my document.  Or any document.  Or delete any documents in its memory.  GAH.  And, naturally, the document I am trying to print has been formatted in such a way that I can not save the god damn thing.  Why does everything have to be so complicated?
After work, I am going shopping for a swimsuit.  I have (foolishly?) agreed to appear in a bloggery swimsuit calendar, which is kinda funny if you think about it because (1) I don't like to swim, (2) I kind of hate bodies of water - oceans, lakes, rivers, (3) I don't own a decent swimsuit, and (4) I have some major body image issues.  I'll figure something out. I'm toying with a couple of ideas that are sort of funny.  And, SCGB has agreed to be my Official Photographer. 
Later this evening, I *may* be meeting Ray to see the 8:30 showing of Ran at the E Street Cinema.  However, I am really tired and not sure if I want to sit through a 2.5 hour movie at that time of night.  Also, Ray was not sure he'd be able to go. I may text him later to see if he would be up for meeting for an early dinner.  Then, I can go home and chill.
This weekend is Pride.  I will be heading to the Parade on Saturday, which will be the sum total of my Pride-related activities this year (well, except for all the celebratory sympathy fucks with strangers I will be having*).  On the plus side, I am trying to coordinate a Parade (or Post-Parade) Rendezvous with His Purpleness, PRINCE!!!!!  (OK. Actually, it's Polt.  But, still, purple!)
I'm planning on turning it a bit early on Saturday, because on Sunday I need to head over to the pottery studio.  Open studio has started and I need to get my clay on!
So, that's it for now.  Have a beautiful day and Happy Pride Weekend!  *smooches*
*for those of you who are new to the blog and have not yet grasped my odd sense of humor ... I'm KIDDING. Srsly.  I won't be having tons of celebratory sympathy fucks with strangers this weekend.  I will be having celebratory sympathy fucks with people I know**.
**I'm kidding about that too. *sheesh*


  1. I found your blog circuitously but now I'm a fan, er, KITTEN. Yeah, that's me. I'm a kitten. Purrrrrr. Love your sense of humor and the blog title. I used to live in San Francisco and I'm not that far from New Orleans so EVEN THOUGH I NOW LIVE IN HELL (otherwise known as southern Mississippi) I've celebrated Pride for years--we have a gigantic rainbow banner hanging from the eaves of the house but of course all my Tea Party/former KKK neighbors just think it's purty. Celebratory sympathy fucks are the best. Or were the best. I'm married now and that's a whole 'nother story. Come over and visit me sometime, sweetie.

  2. well, except for all the celebratory sympathy fucks with strangers I will be having,

    I'm just trying to decide on whose side the sympathy lies. :-P Have fun.

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  4. Brilliant, Tam.

    You gonna come up for NYC Pride at the end of the month? I've strong-armed Josh into coming with me. Enrico will be, too. We could have fun watching them be appalled for four solid hours.

  5. Yay for the swimsuit purchases, I feared no one else was still planning on playing. And YAY to a post-Parade Polt (not Prince) meetup! Don't know how long I'll be down there post-Parade, but deffers long enough to find you and get a photo or two!

    Seeya soon,


  6. VOOOOOOBOX: I can't wait to see what new clay creationz you come up wiff (and send mah way?)!

    David: Rude.

  7. Have a fantastic time this weekend! Take plenty of pictures with Polt (and anyone else you meet up with) so I can be totally jealous.

  8. Vobuq has all the funz.

    I never get to travel for work. I am not sure how we get anything done?

    Have a great weekend, hope your trilogy is going well!