Thursday, June 10, 2010

ShallowGal Made Me Do It

Good Morning, Kittens!
As you may remember, I recently finished reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (not to be confused with the The Girl with the Pearl Earring, which I have not read ... but I have seen the movie ... and the two stories are nothing alike.  Trust me).  Well, ShallowGal had the ShallowGall to leave a comment on my post which said I should read the other ones.  And, I'm all like "There are more?  Why did no one tell me this?"  I hate getting sucked into a series without my knowledge* (Hello?  Does anyone remember the whole Harry Potter fiasco?  No one said that was going to be SEVEN FUCKING BOOKS and 8 FUCKING MOVIES and 47 Harry Potter scarves knitted for myself and some friends ... the final scarf is stuffed in the bottom of my knitting bag awaiting fringe and ends being woven in).
Anyway, ShallowGal told me it's a trilogy, so -last night- I used the Nook to purchase the rest of the series (and it BETTER only be those four books!).  And that was the excitement from yesterday ...
Oh, and I got my hairs did.  See?  A better, blonder me.  Yay.
Have a beautiful day!  *smooches*
*but I apparently love using italics


  1. Wow, you are blonder. You look great.

    I too hate finding out that the book you bought and enjoyed is going to be part of a series because I always feel compelled to read the others. I've not read that of which you speak, but hope you enjoy it.

  2. Don't worry. The author died so the Hornet's Nest book is the last.

    The blonder you looks like he could be an extra in one of the movies of the series! (Oh, yeah, there is a movie of Dragon Tattoo, just to warn you. They want to make an American version with that Twilight girl as Lisabeth.)

  3. ShallowGAll, I love it.

    But a trilogy is only three, so I'm little worried about this fourth book you bought ;-)

    xo, A

  4. Now you'll have even MORE fun, you handsome devil.

  5. I've committed to watching all the 30somethings that are now out on's like 60! I am not that much of a TV person - I am gonna get DVDwatchersass :0