Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Update: Recovery Edition

Good Morning, Kittens!

How much did you miss me whilst I was "working" in Denver? Did you read my post about all the excitement that happened there? Did you? Did you love it?

I'm sure you did.

SO, after all of that excitement, my weekend was rather dull.

Friday, I did laundry. Oh, yeah. I can haz clean clothes. Later (after Baby Hana went to bed), Tomokito and I had drinks. yay. Drinks!

Saturday, I did some cleaning. I went for a run. 3 miles (which after a week of not running was kinda exhausting). Then, I went to the Whole Foods and replenished my seriously depleted stocks. I made pasta salad (yum!) and, then, um, the Guy Who Looks Like the Cheating Cheater came over and we had mad mad mad mad mad butt secks. OMG. totes teh hot.

Sunday, after You Know Who left, I went to the pottery studio. Here are some pix:


Once home, I ironed my shirts for the week, and, then, Tomokito and I had Martini Time. Yay for Martini Time!

And, that's about it. Have a happy Monday! *smooches*

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