Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A Little Bit of Nothing to Brighten Your Day

Good morning, kittens.
Lessee ... not much to report.  My life is falling into a boring little rut punctuated by an occasional party and random sex.  Unfortunately, last night was not punctuated.
After a SuperFun day of work (mostly spent researching sample SOWs and exploring the inner working of our plumbing system with some water auditors), I had a relaxing evening on the sofa.
I made a tequila gimlet (3 oz tequila, juice of half a lemon, lime juice and honey, shaken over ice) to drink while I cooked dinner: pan-fried tofu with zucchini, corn, and cashews served over rice with quinoa.  After dinner, I spent the evening chatting with friends online.
Then, my weekend "date" for the past two weekends (I really should come up with a nickname for him, since it seems he might become some sort of regular thing ... unless I totally pissed him off last night) hit me up and wanted me to Metro over to his place.
I said no ... the time was 9:30.  He lives somewhere on the Blue Line.  Half an hour before my bedtime is not an ideal time for me to hop on a bus and take two trains for a little sumthin'sumthin'.  I was afraid I'd fall asleep and and be awakened at 3 in the morning in some train storage lot by a cleaning lady.  Anyway, the guy didn't seem to pleased and he hasn't written back.  I sent him another quick note saying that I wasn't totally opposed to the idea, but I needed more lead time.
Of course, I ended up not going to bed at 10PM because I decided to finish reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ... and apparently I had more pages left than I thought.  I didn't finish the book until 1130 or so. 
This morning?  Very.  Tired.  Who wants to buy me a coffee?
Have a great day!  *smooches*


  1. That book is NOT a fast read. The second one goes quicker.

  2. How does one research a sample SOW? Sooooeeee?