Friday, June 04, 2010

Babbling. Like a Brook.

Good Afternoon, Kittens!
This morning, I was superbusy and, thus, unable to type up my regular fun-filled dose of frivolity.  apologies.  Things have calmed down considerable (yay!), so ... on with the show.
Yesterday, I had plans to meet my friend, CJ, for margaritas.  And, after the Afternoon of Clusterfuckery, I totes needed a couple of glasses of tequila-laden liquid sunshine.  I was on the Red Line -which was- SuperPacked (like sardines.  srsly!) with one of my co-workers.  The train arrived at Dupont, and I disembarked.   As I was winding my way throught the crowd, I heard "This train is now out of service." 
"Ha ha," I laughed to myself, thinking of my unfortunate co-worker.  So, I texted her to see if she wanted to come have a margarita (or two) with us.  She did.  Yay.  It was fun.  She left a little early.  CJ and I ate and caught up.  Fun times.
All I did when I got home was blob on the sofa.  I should have washed the dishes in the sink.  I guess I'll do that tonight at some point.
Anywayz ... this morning, the program manager for my program for the entire country stopped by my office to do a little database training.  Awesome.  He's a pretty nice guy (as long as you are doing what you are supposed to be doing). AND, for the first time ever, DC will be submitting their data to headquarters.  Srsly.  First. Time.  EVER.  Who rocks?  That would be me.
After the National PM left, my co-workers and I were each presented with a certificate and an award in appreciation for our efforts organizing Earth Day Activities and supporting other programs.  Pretty cool. Always nice to be appreciated. 
During my lunch break, I treated myself to the purchase of some Hello Cupcakes.  Yum.  I've invited SCGB down to partake this evening (if he's around).  I wonder if Tomokito would like to come?  I should text her.
And, I'm pretty much going to waste the rest of this day.  I may go for a run when I get home if it's not too hot.
Tomorrow, I want to get up early to go to the Farmer's Market to buy some basil  and maybe some chili peppers to plant in the "garden."  Then, in the evening, my "date" from Sunday is coming over for another "date."  Hurrah.  And, on Sunday, I'm going to a BBQ.  I am currently infusing some vodka.  Mike (Who Makes Cakes) suggested green tea vodka.  So I'm giving that a try.  I am not very confident it will turn out.
Hope you have a great rest of the day and a fabulicious weekend!  *smooches*

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  1. Ugh! PM's can be so AR!!! they want to know every metric 5 ways from Monday. GAH. Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned.
    And CONGRATS on your award. It's always fabulous when your awesomeness is noticed - unsolicited!!!!