Friday, June 18, 2010

VUBOQ Does Denver

Good Afternoon, Kittens!

Remember me? I used to blog.

I am back from Denver (and taking the day off!), so I have time to update you on all my exciting adventures in the Mile High City! I'm sure some of you may have followed my fun-filled twitter/facebook status updates so you already know *everything* I did, but -just in case- here's the rest of the story...

It all started on Sunday night with a little pizza gathering at K-Factors. I was dreading my early morning SuperShuttle pick-up time (4AM! GAH!), when Mr. Doesn't Have a NickName Yet But Looks Sort of Like the Cheating Cheater called. He wanted to come over. I explained that (1) I had to get up early in the morning to leave and (2) there wouldn't be any Sexy Time. He said all he wanted to do was cuddle (oh, really?) and that he would drive me to the airport. SWEET! So, of course, I said yes. He came over. We talked. And had a *little* bit of "fun" before I had to go to bed.

We got up around 4 and he drove me to the airport. Huzzah. The flight was uneventful (if a little bumpy as we passed over some storms in the Midwest). My co-worker picked me up in the rental and I checked in to the hotel.

We wandered around for a bit. I had to buy a new belt because mine broke in the suitcase. Gah. Then, we met another co-worker and some Colorado Colleagues for lunch. I had tostadas:

Denver2010 001Tasty!

After lunch, we headed to the Convention Center to start attending sessions. And, that's how much of my daytime was filled: Attending sessions on all sorts of fun energy-related topics. During breaks I tried to wander around the city as much as I could. And, in the evenings, I would do a little sightseeing/local color experiencing as well.

Monday night, we wandered down to the Lower Downtown (LoDo) District in search of a microbrewery that a friend recommended, Wynkoop Brewery. We eventually found it across from Union Station. I had the chile beer. It was spicy-tasty-yum!

Tuesday, after the sessions, a co-worker and I decided to see what we could learn about Colorado Wines. So, we headed back to LoDo to visit a wine shop I remembered passing the night before. The guy in the shop was uber-helpful (which raises the very interesting question: What up with all the friendly people in Denver? So talkative. So chatty. Have they never heard of being rude? *sheesh*). I bought a couple of bottles of Colorado wine (a rose made in Denver and red made somewhere that isn't Denver, but is still Colorado). The wine shop guy said that we should try this wine bar up the street if we wanted to sample local wines. So, we walked there. I asked the bartender, "Do you have local wines by the glass?" To which he replied,

"You mean from Colorado?"

stunned. silence. followed by a "Yes."

He said they didn't, but then said that there was a cigar shop (of all places) which had a free Colorado wine tasting every day. YAY! We went there and tasted 5 wines. I don't remember much about them other than "Ooooh. 5 wines = slightly buzzy me." (Can we blame the altitude?)


After the wine tasting, we went back to the Convention Center for a conference happy hour. Free drinks. Yay. My co-worker went bowling with people from her company (we work for different contractors) and I went here:

Beer and food at Dixon's in LoDo.

Wednesday, during the lunch break, my co-workers and I walked up to the Denver Art Museum. We didn't have time to go in, but the outside is funky fabulous:

Denver2010 025

In the evening, my coworkers had dinner plans with their company, so I wandered over to a vegetarian restaurant a local recommended, WaterCourse. Sweet potato and black bean tacos! Local beer! FTW!

After dinner, I decided to walk to the Capitol Building to take some evening photos. As I worked my way there, it slowly dawned on me ... lots of lesbians, cute boys, JRs?, rainbow flags, Hamburger Marys ... somehow I had ended up in the gayborhood. Sweet.

So, I took some photos of the Capitol and then walked back to JRs for a drink or two (and met a really nice bartender, Eddie - so cute). As I was leaving the bar, my co-worker called me. They were boozing it up in LoDo, so I hopped on the free bus and met them ... just as they were piling into a taxi to go to a hipster dive bar with some vendors from the conference who were paying for everything.


Thursday morning? Very. Hungover. I actually skipped a couple of sessions so I could catch up on my sleep. And, then, around 230, I hopped in a taxi for the airport. I got there in plenty of time. Had some food (and beer!). Boarded the plane.

We had to circle around a storm system, which was kind of amazing to see (the picture I took after we passed it doesn't do it justice ... ):

Because of the detour, we landed a little late, but SuperShuttle was still open. Yay. I got home around 130AM. Not too shabby.

I took today off to recover.

And, that's about all that happened. Fun times. Denver is cool. Additional photos are here.

Have a great weekend. *smooches*


  1. How in FSM's name does a belt break while it's packed away in luggage?

  2. Aww glad you enjoyed Denver!
    If you're ever here again hit a fire-fly, blog stalker bitch up and I'll show you the even better parts of Denver. Oh and Watercourse... love it. (Its next to my fav dispensary- squee!)
    Its Pride here this weekend so I'll be practically parked at JRs and Hamburger Mary's all weekend with my gay husbands.

    My liver hurts and I'm tired all ready.

  3. Jennifer Deseo1:59 PM

    Ooh, I'm hitting that vegetarian joint next week! Thanks for the tip.

    Glad you had a good time!

  4. I guess just as a magnet draws metal filings toward itself, so you were drawn to the gayborhood.

    I love the Laughing Cat wine bottle.

  5. I love potatoes in tacos. And Denver.

  6. Geesh that sounds like fun. Bossy must get herself some coworkers. And, you know, a job, of course.