Thursday, September 02, 2010

Thursday is Friday! Up is Down!

Good Afternoon, Kittens.

When I walked into the office this morning (*almost* on time), I had
an email waiting for me that was, all, "OMG! Meeting at the Anacostia
Naval Station at 9AM! Let's leave at 8:45!" and, thus, I did not get
to write my Early Morning Post.

Yesterday, after leaving work a smidge early, I did laundry. And,
then, I had a cocktail with SCGB. And, then, I ate leftover pizza and
went to bed.

See how exciting my days are?

Fortunately, today is my Friday! AND, it's a 4-day weekend for me.
Hu to the ZZAH!

Tonight, I am meeting D for dinner at 7:30. AND, since I don't have
to work tomorrow, perhaps, there will be a little somethingsomething
afterwards. Yay! Have I mentioned that I am kind of liking D?

Friday, I am going to the pottery studio to pick up some finished
pieces and, maybe, glaze a few mugs. No plans for the evening (yet).

Saturday, I also have no plans ... except in the evening, when I might
venture forth into Virginia for a secksdate with C. However, if a
little somethingsomething does happen with D (and it is goooooood),
then I may cancel the C Plan (because, if I haven't mentioned, I am
kind of liking D and secksing it up with other people might feel a
little weird).

Sunday, a group of friends are gathering at Lauriol Plaza for Sunday
Early Evening Margaritas! YAY! Eric from Baltimore is coming down!

And, on Monday, I will be recovering from the SEEM ... and K-Factor
mentioned that she might want to host a game/pizza afternoon

Fun times. And a merry, merry weekend.

Have a fabulous (and safe) holiday!



  1. I'm jealous, on a number of fronts. Enjoy your super long weekend. Stay dry if Earl comes to visit.

  2. Aren't you worried about Earl?? He is looking like somekindofbeetch@ssmofo!!!

  3. Yayz, have a great long weekend!