Wednesday, September 01, 2010

What is Today Again?

Good Morning, Kittens.
Only Wednesday?  Gah.  On the plus side, tomorrow is my Friday.  Oh, Hellz to the Yeah for the 4-Day Weekend of Fun!
So, let's see ... what have I been up to?  Hm.  Monday, I was Exhausted.  Going to bed at midnight and getting up around 5:30?  That is a bad idea.  srsly.  Don't do it.  Unless you are a young'un.  I -obviously- am not.
A texted Monday morning asking what I was doing for lunch.  He had the day off.  so we met at his place and had hot hot buttsecks.
Haha.  I'm kidding.
Not really.
OK.  I'm kidding about the meeting at his place and having teh secks.  We actually met at Matchbox in Eastern Market and had teh lunch.  As I have stated before, I am getting the feeling that he is starting to want more than a casual "friendship."  Weird.
Anyway, after lunch, I went back to work.  I went home.  I putzed around the house and went to bed around 9PM.
Tuesday was more of the same.  Work.  Home.  I went for a run.  I ordered a pizza (spinach, tomato, feta = yum).  A came over.  I was going to talk to him about our status; however, I didn't.  And we went to bed for some fun.
Today, I am doing laundry.  That's about all the excitement I think I can handle.
Have a great day!  *smooches*


  1. rn terri10:36 AM

    Your hair looks fab by the way! So A wants to be your boyfriend, what are you going to tell him? Happy Wednesday!

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  3. Ya know, if you get the feeling A wants more, it's probably better to make sure he knows you're not interested in that sooner rather than later.

    But then what the hell do I know? I've fucked up practically every relationship I've ever been in. So take it for what it's worth.

    And in the meantime, enjoy teh buttsechs!


  4. You missed the hostage incident?