Friday, September 03, 2010

A Little Labor Day Giveaway

Good Evening, Kittens.

As we head into the long holiday weekend, how about a little pottery giveaway?

I went to the studio to finally glaze the 5 mugs I made at the end of the Summer Session. As I was looking over the shelves to find my unglazed mugs and two glazed pieces, I found this cute little three-legged hand-built vase (pictured) that I had completely forgotten about (awwww. Poor Little Forgotten Vase).

It's about 6.5 inches tall and glazed in Lisa's Favorite Blue. I have always wondered who Lisa is ... she has great taste in blues.

In the middle of the vase, I used the dragonfly stamp I made last summer. The dragonfly kinda cracks me up as it flies and tumbles around the middle of the vase.

So, the burning question is: Who wants the vase? Leave a comment and on Monday, I will choose a winner. Yay!

We haven't had a pottery giveaway in quite some time (stay tuned for more though, b/c ... 5 mugs? they gotsta go at some point). Good luck and have a fabulous and boozy weekend!



  1. Oooh! Oooh! Me! Me!

  2. I love the poor little forgotten vase. I could use a pick me up so pick me!!!

    And have a mentioned that you look so handsome lately...

    And well dressed...

    And well shod...

    No? well you do!

  3. That vase is cute, but nothing is as beautiful and elegant as my Vuboq-made pitcher!

  4. meeee me me me! (remember when i drove you ALL the way back to NYC?) *guilt!*

  5. I'm vicious, unrepentant, bitter and old - almost a clone of you. Besides I love you. :)

  6. Oh me me me! And I will totally drive out to get it and take you someplace fabulous. Or else I will buy you a fifth of Leopold's. You're about due anyway. :D


  7. Delurking because I would LOVE to have your forgotten dragonfly vase!

  8. Oooh! That would be So Perfect in my kitchen! And while I won't offer you bribes, I'll just play upon our age-old friendship to guide you when you randomly pick a winner! ;-) (Oh, and if I don't win the vase, sign me for a mug!)

    -Your bestest friend who somewhere has a picture of you in a band uniform that won't see the internet if I see some pottery! (I'm kidding. I know where the picture is. It just won't see the internet no matter what. Because it's not exactly flattering to either of us, unless you find looking like something out of the Nutcracker as flattering... *grin*)

    (And yes, this is Liz, not my dog...)

  9. Ooh, pretty! I feel almost sheepish entering since I already have a piece of your wonderful pottery (which we use every day since that's where we keep sweetener packets!), and want your work to be spread far and wide, but I loves me some dragonflies!

  10. Anonymous5:34 AM

    Your vase would have a good home here :-)

  11. The coffee mug that you made is my favorite. Oh and the pen holder still lives on my desk.

  12. I will give 'Poor Little Forgotten Vase' a wonderful home, you have no worries! He/she will be dusted regularly and placed in a prominent location in the house.
    There now you can relax.

  13. Your vase ... could it travel to California?
    I would pay postage :)

  14. I'm so tempted to say "I'll put out." but that would be crass.

    Instead I'll say that it is a lovely vase and it will grace the home of whomever you choose.

  15. LOVE the vase. I'll enter the competition, but I'll remind you that I don't want to appear greedy, and the vase you already gave me was totally awesome, so I fully expect this little vase to go to someone as yet unblessed by your pottery skills.

    now, the contest for one of those mugs, all gloves are OFF! I'ma fight for one of those!, will there be fighting involved in the mug giveaway? If so, I really boneup on my nonexistant fighting skills. :)