Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Life-Size Jellybean Children

Hello, Kittens.

Sorry I have been in absentia for, like, what? two days? Workz is hard and bizzy. I have no timez to blog there. It sucks. I suppose I need to reorganize my daily routine so that I can do the blogging at teh home. We shall see ...

Anyway, Philadelphia was phun. And, really, all you need to know about the trip (other than it was BOOZY GOOD TIMEZ) is this:

Life-size Jellybean Children!LIFE-SIZE JELLYBEAN CHILDREN*

'nuff said.

My date on Tuesday (with D, aka Last Man Standing) was canceled. He was (and still is) sick. We are going to go out at the end of the week. Plus, we will be hanging with the ShallowPosse on Sunday evening's Opera on the Outfield. YAYz!

I hope the ShallowPosse approves of the date (because I am really liking him ... even though we hardly go out b/c of our schedules and we haven't even had teh buttsecks yet**. Still, when we go out, I am happy. And, being happy is a good thing, no?).

ANYWAY, busy day tomorrow, too. And I must go check the laundry. And figure out what I'm going to eat for dinner.

Have a fab evening. *smooches*

*and butterflies.
**I KNOW!!! What if it's bad? Or he's like ... um ... "disadvantaged in that area". Then, all that liking of him will be totes wasted. sigh.


  1. Disadvantaged? You should work for the State Department. You've missed your diplomatic calling.

    But what if he's amazing and HUGE. But not so huge as to be freakish. You just never know. :-) Think positive.

  2. rn terri10:06 AM

    He COULD be huge, check out his feet, I tell ya! They say big feet=big other areas.

  3. Those jellybean chillunz will probz haunt my nightmares. Terrifying (albeit delicioso)!

  4. If he's...disadvantaged in that area, then you can TEACH him!

    Oh, wait, I was thinking about being tecnically disadvantaged, not....physically disadvantaged.

    Hmm, if that were the case...well I got no advice there. That's generally not a problem I've had with partners, thanksfully.