Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oooh. Look. Pretty.

Good morning, Kittens!

I could either bitch about my job and a Directive From On High which is imposing an impossible deadline and my decision to say that the deadline is Stupid and Unreasonable and to ask why didn't you consult with me before imposing the stupid and unreasonable deadline OR I can post photos of my latest pottery.

Hm ... in the Battle of Pretty vs. Ugly, Pretty wins. Yay.

Pictured first is a surprisingly beautiful 10" plate. I am well pleased. I may actually keep this one. We shall see.

Up next, a handleless pitcher. I wanted it to be a martini pitcher, but I think it is too short and flared at the top ...

Handleless Pitcher

It's about 6" tall. I am also not overly pleased with the glazes (black and warm jade). And, I kinda forked up the bottom by trimming it when it was too wet.

And here's a funky little 5" vase. Once again, not super-pleased with the glaze:


I mean, I like how the blue went all funky and drippy, but the black looks thin or something. Bah.

And, finally, a funky 4" handbuilt mug. I love the dragonfly stamp (which I made last summer):

Handbuilt Mug

The glaze is Michigan brown and Lisa's favorite blue (I have no idea who Lisa is). I like the shape. And the size is good. I am wondering how sturdy the braided handle will be ... hm. Should be fine as long as people don't throw it at walls.

I still have pieces left from this semester. A handbuilt vase which won't be glazed until this summer and a little chip/dip thingy that is in the kiln (I think ... either that or someone stole it).

OK. Guess that's it. Have a great day!

*many happy smooches*


  1. I'm in love with that plate! Beautiful. If I were you, I'd keep it.

  2. I think the third one is my favorite. :)

    That's my favorite color blue and it sort of reminds me some pottery I once saw on Reading Rainbow.

    ...If you're sad like me and actually *remember" individual episodes, it was the one in Hawaii.

  3. Yes, love the plate. Especially that spiral. And the dragonfly is sooo cute. I would be stamping it on everything.

  4. the plate is absolutely fabulous (just like the potter!)!

  5. Always wanted to work with clay. You have given me some incentive to try it.....never too late eh?

  6. I love the colors on the mug. Lisa has good taste.
    I'd be afraid the handle would fall off!