Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just Another Day

Good Morning, Kittens!
So.  Yesterday I was all alone in my office.  Most of my co-workers are at a conference and another one called out "sick" ... where "sick" equals "on a bus to NYC to see Fela."  I'm ok with that ... as long as she brings me back a PRESENT!  Perhaps, a Uni-Qlo T-shirt?
I actually got a lot accomplished with no one here.  Made several calls.  Compiled some statistics.  Fun times.  Then, I lost my motivation and goofed off, until I left early (4:15!  Yay!).
Once home, I helped SCGB move some mattresses.  SCGB's S has decided to sell her place (*super sad face*), so they are having it painted this week. Thus, the moving of the mattresses happened.  I will be sad when it sells (unless the New Neighbor is a SuperHunkySingleGayMan, like GayProf ... I wonder if that can be written into the sales contract "Must Be SuperHunkySingleGayMan Who Will Lust After VUBOQ").  However, because it's so hard to get SuperHunkySingleGayMen to move to the (close-in) 'burbs, my hopes are not high that that will happen.  *sigh*
For dinner, I cooked swiss chard with onions and cashews in a spicy soy ginger marinade.  And rice with some red quinoa thrown in.  Polka-dotted rice!  So cute!
I had a long conversation with my college-friend, Lori.  Actually, long conversations are about the only thing you can have with that grrl.  Srsly.  Talk talk talk talk talk talk talk.
No big plans for today other than laundry and cleaning.  Must finish getting the house cleaned before I leave for Florida on Friday morning.
Have a great day!  *smooches*


  1. Anonymous9:25 AM

    I will be sure to find a gay St. Joseph statue to bury in the front garden, in hopes that a hunky gay will buy the place. A Catholic tradition that works!

    - SCGB's S

  2. rn terri10:33 AM

    So sad when one of your buds moves.... Here's hoping for that hunky gay guy! ;-)

  3. I would so move into your building -- If only I had a job in DC...