Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good morning, Kittens.

Hurrah! I am off work today! I decided after the Weekend Wedding, followed by the Parental Visit, I needed an Official Day of Recovery. I plan to plenty of couch blobbing, followed by a boozy lunch, followed by more couch blobbing. Yay!

Yesterday, the parents and I did a tour of the Supreme Court and the Library of Congress. I have to say I was a bit disappointed that the Supreme Court Gift Shop did not sell Ruth Bader Ginsburg finger puppets. Alas.

On the way home, we stopped by Whole Foods. And, then, I went for a run. After my run, we headed to El Golfo for dinner. Yum. Then, Yahtzee. And they went to bed. I had a cocktail. Mmm. Cocktail.

And, I guess that's all the news. Hope you have a great day (at work! ha!).



  1. rn terri10:46 AM

    You lucky guy, I wish I was off today! Great Florida pics!

  2. Ooh. Parental visits always make me edgy. I think I'd need more than one cocktail! ;-)

    -Dr. Liz (and not her dog, who isn't old enough to drink yet)

  3. But did they have bobble heads? Wouldn't the Supreme Court in bobble heads on your desk at work be awesome?

    Did you ever find TJ's collection of erotica? I bet it's under his bed at Monticello, next to the chamber pot.

  4. I did not have a great day at work - so I will have a cocktail and live vicariously through you (and catch up on your blog).