Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Update: Spreading the News Edition

Good Evening, Kittens.

I am back from my fabulous weekend in New York City, in which I spent lots of money, saw lots of friends, saw a show, and even kissed a girl (OK. I didn't do that, but I did have lots of teh buttsecks).

Friday after work, I headed to the Megabus stop via Chop't. I got there a bit early, so I ran into Macy's for a quick looksee. And, I found an AMAZING winter coat. For 75% off. Which I couldn't buy, because I didn't want to schlep it all the way to NYC. I am thinking I may head there after work tomorrow to see if it's still available.

The bus ride to NYC was Looooooooooooooooooooooooong. There was a Late Start. and Traffic. and an Accident. But, we finally arrived and I took the subway to Y's apartment near Union Square.

The next morning, I met the lovely Nida for brunch at the Coffee Shop. We wandered around a bit, poking our heads into random shops. Then, we took the train uptown - she was meeting a friend for a picnic, and I met David to see "Everyday Rapture" - a totally awesome musical starring (the Tony-nominated) Sheri Renee Scott. So much fun.

After the show, David and I found a place to have drinks and nibbles and caught up all that is new and exciting in our lives. Then, David dropped me off at Barrage in Hell's Kitchen where I waited for a few other friends (Min, Jake, and Y) to meet me. Once they all arrived, the four of us (David had another engagement) went to a yummy Thai restaurant, and then to Therapy for drinks.

Sunday morning, Y and I had brunch at Curly's (Vegetarian) Lunch. It was delicious. Then, I went on a Mad Shopping Trip and spent lots and lots of my hard earned cash. BUT, now I have a suitable spring/summer work wardrobe. Yay.

I dropped off my haul at Y's and we went to Wild Ginger (a pan-asian vegan restaurant) for dinner. YUMZ. I had kimchee yakiudon. Delicious.

And, then, today, I came home. Yay. I am tired ... and not quite ready to go back to work tomorrow.

The few photos I took on this trip (plus some pix of my new clothes) are on flickr: New York in May.

Have a great night! *smooches*


  1. rn terri10:05 AM

    New York looks like SO much fun! Your new clothes are fabulous! The food pics made me hungry though. :-)

  2. Good thing it's almost lunch time. Glad you had fun.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful whirlwing tour of NYC! Although I'm saddened there wasn't more discussion of the "lots of buttsechs". :)