Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Brain is Not Working

Good morning, Kittens!
One of us stayed up a bit too late last night watching Mad Men (Season 3).  And all I can say after the last episode I saw is "Peggy and Duck?"  Srsly? 
Anyway, I am ubergroggy this morning.  And, I totally missed my "OMG I am So Late" Bus.  And the bus after that one.  BUT, somehow, I managed to get to work pretty close to on-time (only 15 minutes late).  No idea how that happened.  The Mysteries of Metro.
Not much else to report.  Today is going to be pretty busy.  I have some people coming in to conduct a water audit.  And, later in the afternoon, I have to go to f**cking Springfield for a meeting.  Fun times.  I'm sure.
Have a great day.  and here's a picture of me looking all cute in my work clothes.


  1. you *do* look all cute in your work clothes!

  2. I love when transit magic like that happens.