Friday, May 07, 2010

Thursday's Come and Gone

Good Morning, Kittens.
Remember a few months ago, when I had a little party?  Well, there's a little bit more to the story of the theme ... As you may recall, one of my Chinese students used to always say to me, "We have a saying in China 'Men are flowers at 40.'" She would stop, look at me and then add, "You will be an onion flower."
Last Fall, I planted some globe allium bulbs (thanks to Dr. Mel and Diahn who told me the name of the flowers), aka ornamental onion flowers.  Last night, after I got back from a (very) short run, I noticed the bulbs had sprouted and were blooming. Here is a picture.  Do you see a resemblance? I love them and I hope they come back next year (without me having to dig up the bulbs and store them, because I am way too disorganized to do that).
Meanwhile, my Fun and Exciting Weekend Getaway of Fun and Excitement starts after work.  We have an 8-hour day today (yay!), which means I am finished at 4 (yay!).  I am taking the metro to Metro Center, buying a to-go salad from Chop't, and boarding the 5:30 Megabus to New York City!  Woo hoo!
I'll be crashing at Y's fabulously located apartment near Union Square.  Saturday, I have plans to meet Nida for brunch (or coffee or something) and, then, I'm going to a show with David.  We're seeing ... um ... excuse me for a moment while I look up the title ...
"Everyday Rapture," with Sherie Rene Scott, which the New York Times said is "a smashing little show that reminds us of why so many of us keep going back to Broadway, even though it's broken our heart so many times."  Hm.  That sounds good, no?  After the show and hanging for a bit with David, I'm hoping to meet up with some other friends for dinner/bar-hopping (which, since it is *still* Alcohol-Free (the Rest of) April and (Most of) May, may not be as fun as it sounds).
No plans as of yet for Sunday (other than calling my mother), but I do want to do a little power shopping at Uni-Qlo and Ben Sherman.  And maybe pick up some cute new sunglasses.
I'm heading back to DC on Monday afternoon.  Stay tuned for an eventual post of Fun and Exciting Photos.
Have a great weekend.  *smooches*


  1. I definitely see a resemblance! And I love onion flowers. They are like sexy explosions of purple sass.

    And you are like a sexy explosion of purple sass. And I love you.

  2. rn terri11:19 AM

    SUCH a resemblance you gorgeous thing!

  3. i LOVE the flower, it's PURPLE! And you look awesome in purple, so yeah, I see the similarity!

    Have a great time in NYC!


  4. My husband call those "fireworks" flowers. Which seems appropriate for your personality - bright, fun and exciting.

    Wish we had a Chop't out here.

    Hope you;re having a great night with David : ).

  5. Flores de cebollas?! PRETTY [read as: DERRRRICIOUS]!