Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Someday I Will Blog About My Weekend

OMG, Kittens! 
This past weekend was a journey in fabulosity! 
 There was the Big Apple!
and Booze (imagine?)! 
and shopping (sales!  $9.99 purple slim fit jeans!  Ben Sherman!)!
and fabulous restaurants!  
and hanging out with SuperGoodFriends!
And, then,
There was the City of Brother of Love!
and Blogger Friends!
and Even More Booze!
and, at some point, I will upload the photos and do a proper post.
BUT, today, was busy because I went to the doctor.
He seemed nice but did not ask probing questions. 
And, he brushed off my comment that the whole heart-thing could be stress-related.
EKG - normal.
Blood Pressure - borderline
Blood - drawn and in process
Next Step - Cardio-sonogram (do you think they'll make a video I can keep?)
Then, a lunch meeting.
And, tonight, a date ... with the Super Cute and Fabulous Guy Who Needs Some Sort of Clever Moniker.
Now, back to the grind.


  1. I've had arrhythmia as well. It popped up out of the blue and stuck around for a few months, then for the most part went away completely. It's probably nothing serious.

  2. I wish I would have known about this, I just found out about this weirdo heartish condition type thing my neurologist wants to check out inside my body and we could've compared notes. Just what I need is a damned heart condition. I'm blaming stress and drinking until otherwise proven.

    Bossy's dad is a cardioguy. He can be your second opinion. I'm not sure what kind of cardiostuff he does, but maybe.


    Have fun on your date!

  3. Too bad I had class! You could have met me :(

  4. Anonymous9:29 AM

    No probing questions, not good for future dates NOR doctors.....

    At least demand a stress test. Its the only way to detect anything that won't necessarily show up elsewhere. My mom had blocked arteries that DID NOT show up on an echo-cardiogram, but the stress test indicated a problem, she had a cardiac-cath and was blocked to the max on the verge of death.

    Be an informed, DEMANDING patient! You (or hopefully your insurance) is paying this guy!!!

    I remember the joke my mother - the nurse - used to tell everyone.... it may have been true, the cardiologist she worked for was Henry Fondas dr when he sis On Golden Pond....

    A well to do patient said to the receptionist on her way out of the office, "The doctor asked me to lunch."

    The receptionist inquired "Oh, and will you be going?"

    The woman replied "Oh, heavens no, one does not dine with the hired help..."



  5. rn terri10:17 AM

    I did the stress test. Maybe ask about one. Have fun on your date!

  6. clever moniker idea: Mr. January, which can then turn into Mr. February, etc. with the understanding implied that he is all in one.