Friday, January 15, 2010

2010 Virgin No More

Good Friday Morning, Kittens!
Is it too early for a buttsecks post?  Yes?  Too bad!
I have this weird belief that virginity resets with the New Year.  It's more fun that way.  Srsly.  Think about it.  You can tell the first person you have teh hot steamy secks with in the New Year that he (or she) will be your first.  He (or she) will treat it all special and it will be SuperFun.  And, then, you can be all "I'll never forget you" and bat your love-sparkled eyes at him (or her).  And, then, you can say, "I hear the Second Time is Even Better" as you go at it again.
At least, in theory, that's how it's supposed to work.
So, last night, I lost my 2010 virginity.  It was pretty good.  The guy is nice.  We've been online chatbuddies for years (it seems), but have never been able to get it together.  He's fun and personable (even though -IMHO- he works too hard/much).  The secks was Hot and it put me in a good mood for the rest of the night (and this morning!).  Isn't it amazing how good secks will do that?  Of course, there are drawbacks: 1. No relationship potential (other than occassional forkbuddies) because he is totally on the DL* and 2. He reminded me *a lot* of the Cheating Cheater who Cheated (Cheatfully). On the plus side, his *ahem* "private part" was Much Bigger and Uncut (oops.  TMI?).
Overall, a fun way to de-virginize for 2010.
Have a great weekend!  Will possibly be updating this weekend as well ... stay tuned.
*DL = down low


  1. Doesn't sound like much long-term potential there, but yay you for getting some! Especially without resorting to an NYC booty call.

  2. excellent. I fully support forkbuddies.
    How private is his part, if you're posting about it on the innartubes?

  3. Much Bigger than what? Yours? The previous one you were with? A breadbox? We need reference points here.

  4. No, in this area, I could NEVER have TMI! :)

    And I'm still a 2010 virgin....I should do something to rectify this situation soon.


    Word Verif: umatigar. I get a picture of Uma Thurman in a tiger print loetard...with furry collar and cuff, natch! :)

  5. Jeez, David will be demanding pictures next with something as a frame of reference. Like a ruler, that would be good. Not that "I" want to know. I think this where I say congratulations and slink off in the corner and jealously glare at others.

  6. No David, you do not need reference pointz!

    As for you VUBOQ...good jerb having sex.

  7. rn terri12:04 PM

    Big is good......

  8. Tomokito4:39 PM

    your blog is so educational...I learned a new word! Yay.

  9. Yeah, Tam, I think that is what David will be demanding next. Ruler, yardstick, whatever works.

    Polt -- did you choose the word "rectify" for any possible double-entendre? Or have I simply puntabuperved myself over the edge?

    VUBOQ -- I hope this buttseks made you feel a little less bitter ;-)