Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend Update: You Know You're Old When Your Idea of a Fun Weekend Is to Sit at Home Alone Edition

Good afternoon, kittens!

I'm home from a boozy lunch with the fabulous Ms. Clio Bluestocking. Afterwards, I wandered over to Marshalls and bought a pair of jeans. $20! Yay! But, I seriously think the manufacturers are lying about the size. These are 29 waist. And they feel big. AND, I feel like I've gained weight because I'm not able to walk as much with the new job. What is that all about?

0111101424a.jpgVUBOQ is getting fat.

ANYWAY, my weekend ... it was cold. I didn't want to go out, BUT Mike dragged me out to meet a friend of his in Downtown Silver Spring. Margaritas were involved. So I went. It was fun. After dinner, I walked home and sat on the sofa and watched TV.

Saturday, I had to get up EARLY(ish) to go get my hair done ... here I am suffering for beauty:


And here I am all purdy:


After my hair appointment, I went to Mike's house for a late brunch/lunch/thing. He made eggs florentine. Yumz.

Then, I came home and blobbed around the house.

Sunday? More blobbing (and some cleaning). Mixed with even more blobbing.

Then, I blobbed a bit more.

Having every other Monday off is awesome. I think I'm going to head up to NYC on the 22nd after work. Yay.

And, that was my weekend. Now, I must nap. *smooches*


  1. Whatever, you skinny purdy thing.

  2. Tomokito4:47 PM

    so you won't be here on the 23rd???

  3. All purdy, indeed. I am intrigued by the sight of your tummy, VUBOQ - very nice.

  4. HA! You're skinny and sexy and will be for a long time. Don't hand me that "fat" stuff. I like the hair, too.

  5. Even speaking as another skinny person, seriously, stfu.

  6. The booze is affecting your brain. I have more fat in my left cheek than you do in your entire body.

    The suffering paid off - looking good : ).

  7. Seriously, I love that jacket!

    The hair looks grand, lovely highlights and lowlight and red and blond.

    George the pot, by the way, is very happy in her new home. Thank you!