Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday Morning Complaining

Good morning, kittens.
When Tuesday is your Monday, Tuesday is full of teh suck.
Complaint #1: My toilet ran all night long.  Making little mini-flushing noises at random intervals.  This is a problem that my toilet has only in really cold weather.  I think it must have something to do with the temperature of the water in the tank causing the seals to contract or something.  I only ever think about it when it is happening (and it just started happening a few days ago).  In the spring/summer/fall, it's fine.  I suppose I should get a plumber in to take a look at it. 
Complaint #2: As I was shutting down my computer this morning, I looked at the time and thought "excellent.  I have four minutes until my bus comes."  And, *vrooooooom* there went my bus.  Early.  Fork!
Complaint #3: A train went out of service at Union Station, which meant that my train sat at Fort Totten Station for over 10 minutes ... with the DOORS OPEN!  VUBOQsicle anyone?
Complaint #4: My office is FREEZING.  And, I have just noticed (what can I say?  I'm not very observant sometimes) that the possible reason for this is that (1) there is no heater in my office and/or (2) there is no HVAC vent work in my office and/or (3) the heat in the adjacent offices do not work very well.  I don't think I can bring in my own heater because it apparently blows out the fuses two offices over.
What else will this fabulous day bring?
It can only get better, right?


  1. o.0 My toilet has started doing that too, and I was all pissed because we'd replaced the innards less than a year ago. It never occurred to me that it was from the cold. I wonder if there's something I can do to make my bathroom warmer and try it out? hmmm... VUBOQ has all the brilliance...

  2. Complaint Number 1: That's like Chinese Water Torture. Bossy completely understands.

  3. My Tuesday tends to turn out pretty well when I get offered a VUBOQsicle. :-p

    Also, see if you can get a temperature reading in your office; there are OSHA regulations out the wazoo that your company might be violating.

  4. Comp. # 1 can you wrap your toilet bowl in a towel to make it slightly warmer?
    2 Thermals? or a cozy blanket or wait wait knee warmers!

  5. Complaint #1: Replace the flapper. It's an easy and inexpensive DIY project. Ace Hardware, Home Depot or Lowe's - less than $5.