Friday, January 01, 2010

10 Years Ago

Happy New Year, my sweet sweet kittens.

Maybe the start of a new year is not the time for reflecting on years past, but that's what I find myself doing. Ten years ago, I had finished my first semester of graduate school. And, I spent the turn of the millennium with my friend, Anne-Marie, who I had worked with in Japan and who had taken my position at a small junior college on the outskirts of Beijing.

Here are a few photos I found from that trip ...

Top Left: Mao Ping (Anne-Marie's boyfriend) and I in Tiananmen Square at Midnight(ish) (Neither of us had a watch)
Top Right: Anne-Marie, her friend Louise, and I enjoying lunch
Bottom Left: Louise, me, Anne-Marie on a traditional street having a traditional snack
Bottom Right: Anne-Marie and I play in the snow at the school

In 10 years I traveled internationally (China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, England, Scotland); I earned a graduate degree; I became vegetarian; I worked; I got laid off; I found a new job; I made new friends; I reconnected with old ones; I've dated and had sex and fallen in love and had my heart broken more times than I care to remember ...

No matter what this new decade holds in store for me, I'm certainly looking forward to the ride.



  1. love you, baby. can't wait to see the good things in store for you...

  2. You appear to have had quite a bit of hair back in the day (perhaps appropriately, my verification word is "liont"). Was it just smooshed down from hat, or was there actually a ponytail back out of view?

    Hope the new year brings lots of fun and sparkles.

  3. Now isn't this sweet and upbeat instead of poor tortured Bossy.