Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's Over

Good Morning, Kittens.
My building's Reign of Terror is over.  Yes, VUBOQ is no longer president of the Board of Directors.  The people have spoken.  And, I, being a just and benevolent dictator, reluctantly passed on my crown.
Actually, our bylaws state that a Board member can only serve two consequtive years.  So, I am done (for *at least* a year)!  Woo hoo!  *happy dance*
The Board meeting went very well (I think).  Attendance was surprisingly high.  We even had several non-resident owners show up, which was nice ... My address to the shareholders went over well.  Many thanks to SCGB's S for some last minute editing.  Girl has a way with words, srsly.
In other news, the weird heart thing continues.  I spent most of yesterday morning trying to schedule a doctor's appointment.  Of the 10 or so recommendations I received from friends, about 5 didn't accept my insurance, 4 were not accepting new patients, and the one which was couldn't fit a New Patient in until next month.  I wonder if a regular patient would be able to have an earlier appointment?
So, I went online and searched for doctor's around my work area.  I found a group in Capitol Hill and have an appointment with one of the doctors there for next Tuesday.  I checked out his profile and he does internal medicine/cardiology.  Seems like what I need.  We'll see what happens (and, fingers crossed that I don't keel over before then).  Aaaah, health care.  What fun.
And, that's all for now.  Happy Wednesday.


  1. Don't keel over. It's not time. You need to enjoy your freedom from the building's Board of Directors. I hope the doctor visit goes well.

  2. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Good news on your release from presidential duty... that sounds funny when it is typed out.

    I had some of the same symptoms. I just wonder if it isn't related to caffeine and stress. Those both can do a number on your body.

    Good luck!

  3. I hereby decree that you are to get well immediately. No one else in my circle is allowed to be sick.

  4. rn terri1:20 PM

    Glad you got the appointment. I'm sure all will go well!

  5. Too bad you don't live closer to Bossy's dad the heart doctor!

  6. First thing, cut out caffeine -- do you drink anything with caffeine in it? And yes, it can be stress related. Are you in a skinny phase? Bossy's heart literally ricochets off her rib cage area when she does stuff like bend, and it trips her heart into palpitations. True story.

    Consider beefing up a bit. But also, get that doctor appointment!

  7. Anonymous10:52 AM

    GAUD, since I read the shoulder pain thing I have been on the edge of my (big fat) seat. Get to the doctor. Frig the ins bit too, tell the person who answers the phone your symptoms ans ask for an appt.

    I have been getting obnoxious with what appears to be drs main concern being money. What happened to "first do no harm."

    Never mind the bedside manner thing. At least you HAVE ins!!!!!


  8. Maybe we swing by Bossy's dad on Monday?

  9. Ah shucks I wnated you to stay on the Board of Dircetors. There are soooo many great stories that you can tell :)
    Bumperstickers we love:
    Do Your Own Thing
    As long as it doesn't conflict with the CC&R's, the Board approves it and it's reflected int he minutes.