Friday, January 22, 2010

A Date to Remember

Good morning, kittens.
Excuse me while I gush for a moment ... I had a really great date last night.  He's almost impossibly attractive: (almost) 41, 6'2", shaved head, fantastic smile, beautiful gray eyes. His skin is the color of strong coffee with juuuuuuust the right amount of half-and-half stirred into it.  And he's smart: Working on some sort of Way Over My Head physics research that he wants to translate into some sort of technological start-up (or something).  Our birthdays are two days apart.  He has nice hands. 
We met after work at the U St/Cardozo Metro Station.  From there, he went with me to do a little shopping along 14th Street (Go Mama Go, Home Rule, Pulp). Then, we had a leisurely dinner at Busboys and Poets.  We talked.  We ate.  We laughed ... we seem to have a lot in common.  The check came.  He paid (on the condition that I pay next time ... Next! Time! *w00t!*).
It was raining when we left the restaurant, so we shared my umbrella.  He walked me back to the Metro station.  And we made out for a while at the top of the escalator. 
Once home, I called him to let him know I made it, and we ended up chatting (while I packed for NYC) for over an hour.  *sigh* 
I feel like it's been a long time since I've been so giddy after a first date.  Nice to know I can still feel that way.  And, I'm still smiling.
In other news, I'm off to NYC after work today.  I'm looking forward to meeting up with as many friends as I can ... and also to do a little shopping.  On Monday, I'll be heading from NYC to Philly with some fabulous bloggers to hang out with BOSSY and some of her Friends.  Yay!
Have SuperFUNtabulous weekend!  *smooches*


  1. rn terri10:07 AM

    What a great first date! Yay! Keep us posted. Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. sweet! you deserve giddyness.

  3. Anonymous10:59 AM

    sounds like a wonderful guy who is interested in you too!!! yay!

    will miss seeing you in town this weekend -- i am coming for the great 1st birthday and other fab get togethers. have fun in NYC!

    SCGB's S

  4. He sounds great - hope it was the first of many terrific dates! Have fun in NYC : ).

  5. Yay! It's about TIME! Of course, I expect much MUCH more detail from you when we hang out this weekend.

  6. Fan-freakin'-tastic! Happy Snoopy Dances for you!

  7. Yay, glad to hear you had a great date! Have fun this weekend!

  8. Yay for the date and fun weekend.

  9. Yay for a good date! Feels like forever since I've had one of those! And I'm super jealous of your trip! Have fun!

  10. hey there!
    glad to see there on the right that you got home safe and sound. yesterday was awesome. let's do it all over again sometime soon.

  11. Nice hands?! Good job!!! Plz invite me to the wedding.
    And my hands are wrinkled.