Monday, January 18, 2010

Long Weekend Update: Matters of the Heart Edition

Good evening, Kittens.

I hope you have had a productive day. My weekend has been chock full of fun and excitement ... if you consider blobbing on the sofa and taking naps to be "fun and excitement."

Lessee ... Friday night, after work, I had plans for happy hour. I headed to Bar Dupont for their $5 happy hour cocktails. Mike was running late. Tomokito had to cancel. So only Bobby met me. After a couple of drinks, we headed to Upstairs Annie's to meet Mike and his friend, Kelvin. Annie's is a steakhouse. I had a salad. and several cocktails.

Mike's friend, Brian, joined us. Bobby left. And we headed somewhere for another round of drinks. And then I came home.

Saturday, I blobbed around the house. Tomokito came down for cocktails. Then, I went shopping. I used a gift card my brother gave me for Xmas to buy the above pictured tome, I Know How to Cook. It is fabulous. and French. and full of meat recipes. But, whatevs. Someday I will use it to cook delicious vegetarian French food. After shopping (and refusing to buy a SuperCute pair of chocolate brown skinny jeans because the Actual Mission was to find a nice pair of black flat front work pants), I headed over to Mike's for a night of games. We played Wii. We played cards. We ate pizza. We drank wine. I came home.

Sunday. More blobbing. Actually, LOTS more blobbing, because it was rainy and gross. I watched the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy on DVD (extended versions!).

Monday (today!), the weather was sunny and warm (comparatively). So, after lounging around for a bit, I walked up to Whole Foods for some shopping and then had a boozy lunch at Adega. Then, I came home and napped. And washed dishes. And ironed. And got ready for the big annual meeting of my co-op (which is tomorrow, which also signifies the end of my two-year term on the Board. Huzzah!). And, in the process, discovered I had made several mistakes on hand-outs which will need to be re-done and re-copied. Gah.

Around 5PM, Tomokito came down for cocktails (imagine!) and, then, SCGB, who is home after spending 2 weeks in Dubai (!), joined us.

And, now, I find myself alone, with a bowl of rice in green tea broth, contemplating my mortality ...

You see, since Saturday, my heart has been doing this weird "skipping beats" thing. Sometimes it's after two beats. Sometimes it's after 83 beats (hello? hypochondriac alert?). I think it might be stress related. And I probably should go to the doctor about it ... once I find a cute gay/gay-friendly doctor who accepts my new insurance.

So, couple the weird heart thing with the super painful shoulder (which has hurt for about a week b/c I've been sleeping in a weird position) and the fact that I feel like I could be coming down with a cold of some sort (feel slightly feverish + cough + random aches) and you have the whole OMG I'M TURNING 40 IN A COUPLE MONTHS AND MY BODY IS FALLING APART!!!! thing that is running my life now.

Yeah. Fun times. Anywayz, if I die in the next couple of days because of this weird heart skipping beats thing or the Swine Flu or some random Shoulder Tumor, will someone volunteer to take care of Isabella? Thanks!

Have a great week!


  1. It's more likely to be stress than anything else.

    I get bad arrhythmia when I have episodes of The Dread. The whole time I was in New York my heart was flip-flopping in my chest. It started with skipped beats back in the day when I was married and in total denial about my panic disorder and has progressed to full on craziness.

    Arrhythmia is common and generally totally harmless. Do get it checked out, though, but be prepared for there to be no symptoms when you're actually IN FRONT OF A DOCTOR. *rolleyes*

    And yeah, old age sucks.

    *big loves*

  2. Goblin Box is right, it is probably stress and not a big deal, but do get it checked out.

    40 isn't bad, but it is fairly important to go to an MD annually so you can live another 40.

  3. I'm sure it's just stress, sweetie. But yeah, get it checked.

    Oh and I like Annie's. Whenever I go to DuPont I usually eat there...unless its really crowded.


  4. We just had to put down our 20+ year old cat today, so we've got room for Isabella; we'd be happy to take her. (Not that we're hoping that you'll kick the bucket or anything....) And yes, it probably is stress, but definitely get it checked out, because I think Isabella would ultimately rather stay with you! ;-)

  5. I spent a night in the hospital just before Thanksgiving because I thought I was having a heart attack. It ended up being stress. Get thee to a doctor to get it checked out, and maybe cut down on the caffeine a little? (I'm not sure how much coffee you drink.)

    And take care of yourself!!!

  6. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Go to a good cardiologist. If stress is causing that much of a glitch there is an underlying cause. At the very least beta blockers will stop the extra beats, but you don't want to wait. And don't forget, a GOOD cardiologist.....


  7. rn terri12:00 PM

    I am sure it is just stress. I had the same sort of episodes about a year ago. It is good to get it checked, tho. You may be able to get something good like xanax or ativan! ;-)

  8. I love you. Don't die!!

  9. Awwwwwww, don't fall apart quite yet!