Tuesday, January 12, 2010

12 of 12: Metro Sucks Edition

Good evening, kittens. My 12 of 12 for January. Enjoyz.

IsabellaKittehs do not have to get up at 5:15AM to go to work. Jellerz.

IntersectionNot many other people have to be up that early either, as evidenced by the intersection at my bus stop.

BarfA little light Metro reading. *vomz*

Boarding the Orange LineAfter missing my bus and sitting on the Red Line at Fort Totten for about 10+ minutes (with the train doors open *kbrr*), getting on the Orange Line at Metro Center was uneventful. Yayz.

EscalatorEmerging from the depths.

WorkHello, my Workplace and the Sun. Is. Still. Not. Up. WTF?!?

Out of ServiceBack on the metro to go out to lunch. Machine out of service. Who is surprised?

zucchini fritterHello, Zucchini Fritter, chock full o' deliciousness ... mmmm.

Mac n cheese2nd Course, tangy mac n cheese. Not as nom nom nom as the fritter. *sigh*

Desk shotHello, weird shot of my desk.

WTF Red Line?In which the "1" did not stand for minutes ... and when the train did appear, it was out of service. Joy. 45 minute commute becomes 1.5 hour commute. Fun Times.

MartiniFinally home. Hello, my friend.

And, that was my day. Or most of it anyway.


  1. Another reason to dislike kittehs. They are full of the ebil.

  2. Oh that is way too early to get up. My sympathies.

  3. At least you get to knit or read on your commute, yes? Mine is roughly that long but I am driving, and the local cops frown upon the driving-while-knitting thing. Alas.

  4. Could you please introduce me to your friend Zucchini Fritter? Many thanks.

  5. At least you have a metro. I literally spent a full hour searching for parking this morning. Ugh. I want to live somewhere with real public transit.

  6. I have to remember after the new year to write in 12 of 12 reminders in the new calendar. Totally forgot to do this again.

    My cats get up with me no matter how early it is. They want to make sure I'm gone before they start using the computer.

  7. Obviously, cat's are not very good alarm clocks. Unlike dogs. Who wake you up early EVERY day (Sundays and holidays included) cause they need to go out.

    ....hmm, now I MAY have to rethink my opinion of cats....


  8. Don't vomz on Sexy Sarah! I love her cause she makes me laugh.