Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend Update

Good Morning, Kittens.

It's my Monday off today. Yayz. And, if I can motivate off the sofa for a minute, I'm going for a run and then to the Whole Foods.

Friday, my date postponed (again ... ). Luckily, I got to have dinner with K-Factor instead. She just returned from two weeks in Cambodia. Jealous! So, we met at McGinty's for beer and happy hour 1/2 price veggie burgers. Yum.

She had picked up some of my pottery from the studio (see previous post) and brought me a super cute Cambodian silk tie. Love! Will wear to work tomorrow, methinks.

Saturday, we were supposed to have Co-Op Yard Work Day, but it was raining. I did clean out the garden though. Bye-bye dead basil plants and cosmos. I did lots of blobbing. And watching movies.

Sunday, my brunch plans were cancelled so I was able to help with the rescheduled Yard Work Day. I planted some bulbs (tulips and some purple flower). Then, I went to the pottery studio and trimmed my final 5 projects. I put handles on two of them.

Came home. Knat. Watched TV. Chatted with friends. Stayed up way too late.

Plans for today (after running/grocery shopping) include going to the bank (to deposit the First Paycheck), possible suit shopping in DC, a 3 o'clock work-related call, and meeting up with my best friend from college, Isa, and her husband. They are in DC for the week celebrating Isa's Big 4-0. Fun times.

Have a great day! *smooches*


  1. I can't vouch for how this would taste, but I found this recipe on Facebook and thought it interesting:

    Fill a container 1/2 full of candy corn, fill with vodka, wait a few hours, shake it a few times. Then to serve, put mandarin orange slices in the glass, pour some candy corn vodka over it, some Cointreau, some diet Canada Dry ginger ale, and a little more candy corn vodka to top it off. YUM!

  2. anne marie in philly1:01 PM

    I saw the braided mug handle - hope that turns out cause it looks super kewl!

    lucky you to have a nice day off...I was outside yesterday knitting in the sunshine; the kittehs were at the open windows loving the warm breeze.

    have a great day!

  3. Christopher3:46 PM

    You get paid by cheque??! Don't you have internet banking?

  4. Wow - you get a lot done in a day. I pretty much got out of bed and that's about it.