Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh. Right. Blog. Hai!

Hey, Kittens.

'Member me? Your ol' pal VUBOQ? Who used to be fun and unemployed and Drunk All the Time?

OMG. I could so live that life. And live it WELL. srsly.

ANYWAYz, not much going on. I get up early. I work. I ride metro home. I make food. I go to bed. It would seem I have found a Routine. Yayz.

Today, though, I got to sleep in a bit late (6:30! W00t!). And, then, take the Metro all the way to Franconia-Forking-Springfield to be fingerprinted for my security clearance. There was a Total Plus though: While at corporate HQ, this SuperCUTE and UBERgeeky IT guy fixed Iris the Netbook's issues with my company's timesheet system thing. Now, I can gets paid. Yayz! To top it all off? The SuperCUTE and UBERgeeky IT guy's name? HERO! srsly. LOVE IT. I hope he's single. gay. and goes to the company Xmas party. b/c I LUVS him. And will totally be stalking him 4EVah.

We are still working on getting internet access at the Place of Work. BUT, I do have a working phone now. If only I knew the number ... then, people could call me. Wouldn't that be the awesomest?

Lessee ... I'm off tomorrow. Yay Veterans! Love you! *smooches* BUT, I may have a work conference call in the morning. There will definitely be Martini Time with Tomokito. And I will go for a run (10K at Thanksgiving. WTF?). AND, I might go to the pottery studio.

Or I will veg on the sofa. Whatevs. Day off.

Have a good night. *smooches*


  1. While I'm not drunk all the time, I'm definitely living the dream of the unemployed. Even though you've got one of those evil "job" things, I still think you should look for a Sugar Daddy. Because that get up at an ungodly time of day, go to work, come home, eat, got to bed, rinse and repeat stuff is WRONG. Seriously. I'm telling ya' - you need someone that you can reliably sponge off of (and no, I'm not going to make that grammatically correct). The guilt about not paying your own way? Goes away Very Quickly. ;-)

    *smooches back at ya* (and I'll even smooch my veteran for you tomorrow)

    -Liz, aka, The Good Docor

  2. I have to work tomorrow. :(
    That's because the preferred organization for whom I'm currently gigging is in The Arts (capital letters too!) and therefore, you know, très unAmerican.

    Oh, and I only do the kind of martinis that you don't like, but if you get around to margaritas, have one for me.

  3. I miss your tweets and updates too, but I look fwd to your holiday!

    have a great day!

  4. I am reading this -- at work. Apparently Big Midwestern University cares not all about veterans.

    We also lack a supercute IT guy.

  5. Hai! I have today off too, but only because my work schedule is superfuck't, not because it's a gov't holiday.

  6. Working today as well. My sympathy for your working man blues is rapidly evaporating. Good thing I'm meeting up with a certain young-ish blogger to see a movie tonight. :-)

  7. anne marie in philly9:21 PM

    I worked today also.

    cruel shooz and pretty baby hana...

    so WHF did you DO all day? no blog entry! (harumphs)