Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Three Shirts, Two Ties, One Very Large Credit Card Bill

Good Morning, Kittens.

Busy day yesterday. I didn't go running ...
Because I am lazy and I suck.

I did go to the Whole Foods. I have foodz. Yay.
And, I did deposit my paycheck (and, yes, Christopher, I do have internet banking ... and also direct deposit ... however, most places take at least one pay cycle -depending on when one is hired- to coordinate everything with the bank. Thus, my first check was issued live and on paper. Fun).

THEN, I went shopping. First stop was Filene's Basement. They had no nice dress pants in my size. I bought 3 shirts (white, green, and blue striped) and 2 ties (purple/blue plaid and green/brown/gold plaid). THEN, I hiked up to the Banana Republic and tried on pants. I like their pants. And, usually, they have my size. I found 3 pair I liked in size 30/32. Two of them fit great. One was WAY loose (I don't understand). I asked the little helper guy if they had a 29/32 and he was all "only online." WTF? Tall thin people have it so hard.

After buying the two pairs of pants, I went next door to the Caribou Coffee for a hot apple cider (with a shot of caramel). Nom. I had a call from a work guy at 3. He's an energy guru and gave me lots of good advice. We're going to teleconference weekly for awhile.

After that, I met up with my BFF from college and her husband. We hung out at Teaism for a few hours, catching up. I will be meeting them again on Thursday for dinner. Yay.

We parted ways around 630, and I metro'ed to pottery class. I glazed 6 pots. I hope they turn out nice-ish.

Came home. Ate food. Drank booze. Bed.

Today, work. Then, Co-op Board Meeting. Fun times.

Have a great day! *smooches*


  1. Yay for new clothes! One of these days I'm gonna get my suit over to a tailor to have it altered. Seeing as nobody is interested in interviewing me at the moment, though....

  2. Christopher5:01 AM

    Oh phew. Thought Amerika was still stuck in the middle ages. Aotearoa NZ is well, small and nimble so cheques are very old hat. Tres old they crumble.

    But hang on, methinks Amerika is *rapidly* sinking back into pathos bathos and middle ages stuff. That's another post.

    Lovely jubbly to read your stuff but I still think you should chuck it all in and come be a potter in Coromandel in Aotearoa NZ. :)

  3. anne marie in philly9:43 AM

    fabu day off for a fabu person!

    have a good one!

  4. If I was as skinny as vuboq I would be a serious badass marathon runner and not has to pretend all the time!

  5. rn terri10:08 AM

    I have the same problem getting jeans/pants for my son, he needs a 36 length and I ALWAYS have to order online. Bad if you need something last minute. Glad you had fabulous finds on your shopping trip! :)

  6. New clothes sounds fun.

  7. I am jealous of your shopping.

  8. Short thin people have it even harder.

    I haven't looked in a while, but I stopped liking Banana Republic pants a while ago. Everything was too wide in the lower legs. But I have a gift card from my birthday so I guess I will check them out soon anyway.