Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday is Friday and That Makes Me Happy

Good Morning, Kittens.

Am moving slowly this morning. I blame the weather (cold, dreary, drizzly) and the time (way too early).

Yesterday, I had my scheduled weekly chat with an Energy Guru regarding my plan for my job. Then, I met Mike (who Makes Cakes) for lunch in Eastern Market. I took a bit longer than the allowed 45 minutes. Oops. It was worth it though.

After work, I met Jerry at Nellie's for $1 vodka highballs. Hurrah! Christmas has exploded all over Nellie's. I'm all "too soon! too soon!" ... but, I guess, Christmas is rapidly approaching (as is Channukah, for my Jewish friends).

Remember, how when you were a kid and the holidays seemed to Take FOREVER to arrive? Now, I'm all like "wasn't it Xmas last month or something?"

ANYWAY, still no firm plans for Thanksgiving. I think the All-Pie Thanksgiving Spectacular will not be happening. I will probably be heading to Mike's (who Makes Cakes) for a Thanksgiving Potluck ... If I decide to leave the house at all.

I will also be running a Thanksgiving Morning 2 Mile Fun Run (along with the Lovely and Talented Ms. Clio and several of my neighbors). More on my T-giving plans later.

Happy "Friday"!!! *smooches*


  1. OMGZ I'm so glad to have a two-day break from class. This semester is dragging me to hell (in the bad way). Happy Friday!

  2. A potluck sounds like a great idea. Only one dish to make : ). And that run will leave room for more helpings.

    Happy Friday!

  3. anne marie in philly2:13 PM

    I was released at 1p from the salt mines.

    have a good thursday (gobble gobble); smooches! :-)

    PS - thankful that you are a friend of mine! (mushy, I know...)

  4. I am glad to have a holiday, too.

  5. Have a great Turkey Day!!!

  6. I'm only 23 and already the holidayz are giving me madd anxiety! ARG! Guess I'm a grown-up now.