Friday, November 27, 2009

A Thanksgiving to Remember

Good Morning, Kittens.

Yesterday was certainly a full day (pun totally intended, yo). It started bright and early, as the neighbors and the lovely and talented, Ms. Clio Bluestocking, gathered at 7:25AM to drive to Bethesda for the 27th Annual Turkey Chase. Originally, we had planned to run the 10K, but -under my inspired leadership-, the entire group chickened (turkeyed?) out and ran the 2 Mile Fun Run.

The line to pickup packets was Crazy Long and made no sense. For the 2 mile run, there were two lines. One with bib numbers from 8000-10630 and the other for bib numbers 10631-10800. Do you see where there could be a potential problem with that system?

I, of course, had a bib number in the 10100 range. wo0-to-the-hoobity-hoo.

Here's a photo of the our group:

And here's the crowd, surging forth into the Wilds of Bethesda:

Once home, everyone showered and headed up to K-Factor's apartment for a delicious brunch. I invented a new cocktail, a riff on the Poinsettia (which, as I'm sure you know, is like a mimosa only it uses cranberry juice). I used equal parts champagne and cranberry juice plus a splash or two of my cinnamon-apple infused vodka. Tasty! And nothing says "Hangover in a Glass" like combining champagne and vodka.

After brunch, K-Factor, her BF, and her BF's BFF, came down to my place for a Gary Coleman Holiday Has-Beens Movie Spectacular. I made curried pumpkin bisque with cheddar (delicious) and we drank lots more.

Then, we headed over to Jeff and Vanessa's for a Real Thanksgiving Dinner and evening of 80s movies and games.

I crawled back home around 1AM. Totes *yawns* but an awesome time!

No other big plans for this weekend. Today, I'm going to rest, relax, and do a little cleaning. Might go out to the clubs tonight.

Have a great weekend! *smooches*


  1. By "splash" you mean "after a large person does a cannonball off of the high dive into a swimming pool" kind of splash. Fantastic! Highly recommended.

    I had a great time!

  2. anne marie in philly4:44 PM

    good to see miss clio looking so morning perky with you!

    my thanksgiving was full...of teh sux. yours sounds like so much more fun and sparkles!

  3. Pumpakin bisque [feat. cheddar]?!? That sounds like effing heaven. Holy gawd I want some.

  4. Anonymous12:40 AM

    We also saw the receipe for Curried Pumplin Bisque with Cheddar in Bon Appetite and served it for our Holiday Meal. Wow - everyone LOVED it. Happy Holidays