Monday, June 06, 2011

Weekend Update: Trolley Car Edition

Good morning, kittens.

As my aunt says, men are like trolley cars. There's always another one coming around the corner.

Friday, after work, I had plans to meet the new guy at L'enfant Plaza metro station. I got there way early, so I went to the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden to read. Eventually, he texted and we met up. We walked to his place near the Waterfront. He lives in one of the really cool condos which I have always admired (even before they became really cool condos) originally designed by I.M. Pei. When I mentioned this to him, he asked, "Who is I. M. Pei?" ... *sigh*

Anyway, we got to his place and rather than eating had lots of Quality Nekkid Time.

I headed home around 8:30.

And I ate a frozen pizza.

Saturday, I went for a run. And cleaned the bathroom. And went to the Whole Foods.

In the afternoon, K-Factor and I played a couple of rounds of Death Croquet, followed by a couple of rounds of cupcakes. Nom.

Then, I was planning to go over to the guy's place again. But, on my way there, he called and said he'd rather come to my place. OK. I stopped off at Baja Fresh for dinner and went home to wait.

But, he texts and says that his car won't start. *ugh* He asks if I want to come to his. By this time it is nearly 9PM. So I say no. Sorry. Late night bus and metro on the weekends? I wouldn't even get to his place until 10:30 or 11. And I'd be cranky. We made plans to meet up on Sunday evening instead.

So, I sat at home and started knitting a baby beret for the German and his Baby Mama's new baby.

Sunday morning, I finished the hat. See. Then, I made a yummy pasta salad.

Later that afternoon, a neighbor and I visited with the German and his Baby Mama to meet the new baby. It was his 1 month birthday. So I had a beer. I know, bad VUBOQ for breaking the No Drinking Thing. But one beer. Over an entire weekend? That's almost like not drinking. Plus, it was in celebration of the 1 month birthday. The Proud Parents said they liked the hat (yay!) and they appreciated the pasta salad. Yay me.

After much talk about breast-feeding and length and weight and all sorts of baby talk. I walked to the metro and went to visit the guy.

We sat and talked. and, then, walked to a Chinese place to get some take-out. We ate. We watched a movie. We cuddled on the sofa. And then we went to bed for some more QNT.

This morning, I learned it only takes 20 minutes to get from his place to work. Suh-WEET!

Oh, and here's a photo I took of him. He's about 5'8", 31 years old, muscular, and a good kisser.

What more does one need?

And, that was my weekend. Pretty cool, eh?

Have a great day! *smooches*

Oh, and Pee Ess: Thanks so much for your votes in the Cocky & Rude Fight Club NKOTBSB vs. VUBOQ. I won! YAYz!


  1. Anonymous8:49 AM

    little known fact: my older brother (not scgb, but rather scgb's b) lived in a freshman year college dorm that was designed by i.m. pei. hey vuboq! great baby beret. you are mad talented. you could sell those online.

  2. Glad to hear you are on the trolly again.

    It does seem you are having some trouble sticking to the no drinking thing.

  3. Germans + celebrating = beer. It would have totally rude to not have a celebratory beer. I mean, you might have started an International Incident. (And the Germans do have a wee bit of a history of invading other countries when they are feeling slighted...) So I think you did us all a great favor by having that beer and thus preserving the safety of Western Europe. ;-)

    -Dr. Liz (not Fiona the dog, whose strongest drink is the water out of the sprinkler...)

  4. ohmiGOD< VUBOQ, he's aDORable!!! Lucky you! Any chance you'll be at the Pride parade this Saturday, and if we meet up again, any chance he'll be with you so I can drool enviously? :)