Friday, June 24, 2011

Cocktails! (What else?)

Good morning, kittens!
Work has been a gross, pile of s**t recently.  It has been so bad that I am seriously considering applying for a teaching position.  Admittedly, the position is at a small charter school, so it's not like I'd be teaching classes of 30 hormone-crazed adolescents (if I got the job that is).  And it's teaching environmental and earth science, which is cool.  So, we'll see.  I'm going to reorganize my resume into something more Education-Oriented and we'll see what happens ... Still.  Teaching.  It kinda gives me the shivers.
When I got home from work yesterday, instead of going for a run, I made a new cocktail: Live Basil Gimlet (recipe from the NYT).  It was delicious.  So, I made another one using lemon basil.  It was not as delicious.  Very refreshing and summery though.  Everyone should try one, especially if you love basil (and gin!). 
For dinner, I found some frozen pesto ravioli in my freezer.  I whipped up a quick sauce using tomatoes and red bell peppers.  It was tasty.
And that was about the extent of my evening.  I can't use my netbook because the power cord doesn't work.  I've ordered one on-line.  Hopefully, it will arrive quickly.
As for this weekend, I don't really have many plans.  I need to clean.  I need to iron.  I need to grocery shop.  I need to job hunt.  I need to run.  I need to go to the pottery studio.  And, I hope to hang out with M, since he is moving to Las Vegas next week.
Have a great day!  And a Super-Fun Weekend!


  1. I saw that drink in your pic last night and went upstairs to pick some basil (it's on my 2nd story deck) and brought it down only to find I have no gin. HORROR!

    So, I picked more basil and washed it and put it in a container with some oil and froze it because I remembered that you got stuck with no basil last year and I am afraid that will happen to me.

  2. Your weekend sounds like mine but with no running or pottery, or sexy guys. Sigh. Good luck with the job hunt. My work is sucking hardcore and I am hunting, just internally though.

  3. Good luck with whatever you do this weekend. Chores suck, but M...well he may as well who knows, but in a good way, I'm certain. :)

    Have fun.


  4. Boo, bad work situation. Yay, cocktails!

  5. ack. Teaching. It can be so fulfilling and wonderful and so draining and difficult! That's why I bop back and forth with it : ). Make sure you buy some lotto tickets this weekend!

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