Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Pottery and Various Other Sundries

Good Morning, Kittens.
Yesterday was my first day back in the pottery studio.  Yay!  During the summer session, my class meets on Tuesdays from 5:30-7:30.  This is a good arrangement for two reasons: 1. Because K-Factor isn't taking the class, I have to metro home.  I will get home at a reasonable hour.  and, 2. Because class starts at 5:30, I have to leave work a little early to get there on time.
I have a different instructor this session.  And there are only 2 other students in the class.  The instructor has a very different teaching style than Gina's.  Maybe I will pick up some new tricks.  He doesn't seem to be as hands on or able to explain things as well as she can.  We shall see.  I just sort of futzed around with the clay last night.  I made a bowl and a large flowerpot like thing.  Neither were anything special.
I was hoping the studio manager had done some glaze firing.  She hadn't.  Oh, well.  I really would like to have some of my completed pieces from last session.  Maybe someday.
Let's see ... I haven't tallied the shoe comments from yesterday yet.  It seems like the Penguins might be in the lead.  I'll look at it again tonight.
Other than that, all is well.  Tonight is Laundry Night, although I may be seeing the new guy tonight after work.  And we have a date on Friday to go jogging around the Mall after work.  That should be fun.  Hot, but fun. And at least there is almost guaranteed Shower Time afterwards.  Which could also be fun and hot.
Have a great day!
OH!  P to the S.  The other night, the New Guy said to me, "You're not like other gay guys in the 40s."  "What do you mean," I asked.  He replied, "They are mean and bitter. You aren't."  Hahahahahahahahaha!  Luckily, I managed to keep a straight face.  I guess he will eventually learn that all I am is mean and bitter.


  1. Wouldn't that make you MUBOQ?

  2. But you sparkle while being mean and bitter so that makes it okay.

    Running? In DC in summer? Ugh. Walking in DC in summer nearly did me in. Don't faint. Although he could carry you home and be the hero. That might work.

  3. Kind of sounds like he said you were gay in the 1940s. Maybe we should call you vuoq now?

  4. New guy is a sweetheart. A bit naive, obviously, sweetheart nonetheless. :)


  5. FABULOUS, mean and bitter, darling.

  6. Clearly he doesn't know about your blog.