Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What's Up, Doc?

Good Morning, Kittens!
My doctor's appointment went well (or, at least, as well as can be expected).  On the plus side, my blood pressure is OK (although we need to keep an eye on it).  Apparently, I suffer from "White Coat Syndrome."  When a go to the doctor, my blood pressure shoots up.  Good times.  I've been taking it at home and the doctor says it is fine.  Yay.  No blood pressure meds for me.  and, I have good cholesterol numbers.  Yay!
On the minus side, I have a vitamin B12 and vitamin D deficiency.  Boo.  The low B12 is something common in vegetarians.  And he thinks because I'm fair-skinned and tend to avoid the sun (also, I don't drink milk), my D is too low.  Also, unrelated to the vitamins, I may need some minor surgery in the near future.  Joy.  Bettter get that checked out and taken care of before I get laid off and lose health insurance coverage.
After the appointment, I treated myself to a post-doc cocktail (and bowl of soup) at Bar Dupont.  Then, I went to pottery class.  I trimmed two bowls.  And threw two things that might be mugs at some point (although one of them will be a Really Big Mug).
Then, M picked me up.  We grabbed some food and dropped off some of his stuff at Goodwill.  He drove me home.  We made out.  He left.  He leaves for Las Vegas (via Detroit) this afternoon.  *sad face*
On the plus side, he will be back in about 3 weeks to finish closing up his house.  AND, as I mentioned before, he's letting me use his car while he's away.  I am going to pick it up from his place sometime this weekend.
Have a happy day!


  1. I take a B-complex vitamin every day and have noticed lots and lots of improvement in the way I feel over the last year or so that I've been taking it.

    Also, if you take a Vitamin D supplement, it's good to take one that has magnesium in it (or take a separate magnesium). D needs it to be properly metabolized.

    And, it needs fat. So I like to take mine with cheese or bread and oil :)

    I'm glad you don't have a broken heart.

  2. Sorry about M. Maybe the next letter will be a keeper...

    Take care of yourself!

  3. All the cool people have B and D deficiencies!!!! Because we are so fair and B U T fulllll!!!! Take your will feel better and that whole "high mtc" thing could be helped....

    I also follow up my vitamin horse pills (from whole foods) with CVS gummy vites for adults cz the 1adays are 20 bucks. They top me off with the rest o the shit I need!

    xoxoxox feel better!

  4. Too bad about M. Maybe you need to start dating numbers instead of letters.

    Vitamin D is a serious problem in the frozen north where we can't ever see the sun.