Friday, June 10, 2011

Pride Cometh Before the Fall

Good Morning, Kittens!
So, it would seem that the majority of the Kittens have opted for the Penguins.  I am still unsure.  I need to make up my mind soon.  These decisions are so hard to make.  I can really only afford to keep one of the pairs.  I think I will take them both with me when I get the suit tailored and make a decision then.  We shall see ...
And, since I am a major shopaholic, I bought 3 pairs of new C-In2 underwear from Hautelook yesterday.  I am out of control.  Someone needs to take my credit card away from me.  I justified the expense because I'm not drinking and saving all that booze money!  SCGB mentioned having a beer/wine only summer.  That might be a good idea too.  I shall ponder that in my heart.
After work (which ends at 4PM today! Hurrah for 8-hour days!), I am meeting up with the New Guy (who probably needs a more clever moniker than that.  I suppose the Not J wouldn't work either).  We were planning on jogging around the Mall, but we think the weather might not be conducive to exercise.  Excessive heat + humidity + jogging = heat stroke.  Not fun.  Instead, I think we are going to the movies.  I kind of want to see either Pirates of the Caribbean  or  Super 8.  I suggested that we get up early Saturday morning and run.  See how I did that?  Invited myself over for a sleepover?  That is what we call "smooooooooooooth."  *laughs, but not outloud*
This is what I'm wearing today.  I hear all the cool, hip kids are cuffing their pants like this.  Lora, I hope the shoe/sock/ankle thing doesn't creep you out to much.
This weekend is also DC Capitol Pride. The New Guy doesn't do Pride.  He doesn't go to the parade nor the street festival.  Nor does he go out to any gay clubs/bars during Pride.  Odd.  But, whatever.  Everyone becomes comfortable with who they are at their own pace.  As of now, I will be meeting Mike (Who Makes Cakes) and some of his friends for pre-Parade drinks.  Joining up with SCGB and his beau at the Parade.  And, also, (*fingers crossed*) meeting up with His Purpleness, Polt, and his posse.
Sunday, I doubt I will attend the Street Fair.  Too hot.  Maybe I will hole up in the a/c with the New Guy.  And, I'm off on Monday!  YAY!  But, I have an endodontist appointment.  Boo.  BUT, the doctor's office is directly across the street from Hello Cupcake.  YAY!
And, that is a quick run-down of my weekend plans.  We'll see what actually happens.  In the meantime, since it is Pride Weekend, here's an excerpt from a short story I wrote several years ago, Four Letter Words (I believe I've posted it before, but whatevs):
Then it was June and the sun shone more fiercely.
As was our tradition, we gathered on Saturday afternoon to drink many pitchers of margaritas. The tequila loosened our tongues and sharpened our wit. 5 men. 6 pitchers. Experience had taught us that 7 would be a bad idea. We settled on La Frontera's patio, ate chips and salsa, and waited for the parade to begin. As the sidewalk became more crowded, rather than peering over and between heads, I moved from the patio to the street.
Standing on the edge of the sidewalk, watching the kaleidoscope of people and colors and banners file past, I felt for the first time in a long time a sense of place. There among the leather daddies, the twinks, the dykes on bikes, the bears, the tourists, the giddy straight girls and their uncomfortable, yet trying to be OK with it boyfriends, there among it all, with my friends, I felt it: This spot. This spot right here on 17th Street in front of La Frontera. This is where I belong. Here we are one. Here we are united. United by the desire to be superfantastic … and, maybe, to earn a sympathy fuck with someone way out of our league.
Happy Pride, Kittens!


  1. oh, honey. I love the pants. Adore the shoes. But the socks!! The socks!!

    You look cute. It's my own personal problem. I'm guessing someone probably teased me about my socks or something back when I was formidable and it turned into a big thing in my psyche. So I appreciate the advance warning!!

    Also, the Secret to My (Drinking) Success is to steer clear of the beer and wine because I'll drink and drink and drink and never feel quite the sort of drunk that I'm aiming for and end up with a sore and bloated tum-tum and guilty feelings about consuming 4000 liquid calories.

    So, I stick to whiskey. Or rum. Or something else but always (ALWAYS) neat (or on the rocks with a little herby or citrus garnish)
    That way, I'm more likely to sip than gulp and get the hard alcohol drunk that is most sought after while I'm drinking.

    In any case, good luck! And if you ever need a drinking or not drinking partner, I'm your gal.

  2. If you aren't going to follow the will of the people, why ask for votes on shoes?

    I would do a beer/wine only summer, except beer is fattening and wine gives me a headache.

  3. tomorrow is the pride parade (with this past week being full of pride related activities that i didn't go to). tomorrow bran and i will be out taking photographs of the parade. then i'm back to the house to shower and dress for the funeral of a former resident. sunday is a trip to michael's for bead containers and (thrill of thrills) laundry to fold.

    my life is full of hubbub.

  4. I loved it all except for the part about the sun shining more fiercely. NO ONE needs that! Meh.

    Happy GPD/M

  5. Even though I was in a different "spot", I too well remember that feeling and where I was when I felt it. Great little story.

    And YAY, how fun was it to watch a majority of the parade with my straight girl posse on one side AND the glittering VUBOQ on the other??!?!?!?!

    Thanks for hanging our with us!


  6. A parade with Polt? I'm jealous! Good luck at the endodontist. Hope you're mot to numb/drooly afterward to enjoy that cupcake.