Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pants! Just Pants ... and Maybe Some Pottery

Good Morning, Kittens!
As it would happen, I did not do laundry last night.  And, I have a good reason.  Laundry night is on Wednesday, not Tuesday.  Pottery Class is on Tuesday.  For most of yesterday morning, I was thinking it was Wednesday.  Oops.  So, laundry is tonight.  Yay! (Yay?)
Which means that, yesterday, after work, I went to pottery class ... which is much better than doing laundry.  I made two bowls - a large-ish one, and a small-ish one.  I am not sure I am meshing with the different instructor.  His teaching style is very hands-off.  Oh, well.  Back to my regular instructor in the Fall, hopefully!
When I got home from pottery, I had a package by my door.  My new pants from Banana Republic!  YAY!  I "purchased" them using a $75 gift card I received from my health insurance company for completing an online health assessment (which basically sad I'm fine, but I should exercise 5 times a week.  Who exercises 5 times a week?  CRAZY TALK!).
I made a martini and tried on the pants. As a fun little game, play "Spot the Martini!" (you could also play "Spot the Mystery Bruise," but that might not be as fun).
Here is pair Number One.  Size 30x32, charcoal gray pinstripe.
And pair Number Two.  Size 29x32, light gray.  The comments said these pants were sized large and to order a smaller waist than normal.  I'm glad I paid attention, because a 30x32 would have been too big.
In other exciting news, I think the power cord to my netbook is all screwy.  Even though it is plugged in, the netbook was using battery power.  I need to find a replacement.  I am hoping that it is the power cord.  I really don't want to buy a new netbook anytime soon.  Where does one buy a new power cord, anyway?  Best Buy?
Have a great day!


  1. Exercise 5 times a week?!? I thought the general rule was three times a week. Who has the time or energy to do 5 times a week?

    You might have to order the power cord on line, but try the store where you bought the netbook.

    Love the trousers. You are soooooooo skinny.

  2. I used to exercise 5 times a week, but this past year has been more difficult and I'm down to four times plus yoga. So sad.

    Pants look snazzy, as does the bruise. I wish my health insurance gave me gift cards. Damn!

  3. My health insurance sends me bills, not gift cards... *sigh* Hey, I exercise 5 times a week, but it is only 'moderate' exercise, as the spouse is on blood thinners and can't do anything that might result in trauma (he hasn't crashed on his road bike in 20 years, and the MD still says he shouldn't ride because one crash could be catastrophic...). So we walk the dogs. A lot. Which is good, as the dogs are crazy, and need to be walked about 28 hours a day. ;-)

    Dude. I need your body. I don't think I've had a waist like that since I was, like, 12. ;-)

    -Dr. Liz (and not Fiona the dog, who is the less crazy of the two, and could get by with walking an hour a day and not end up with the 4:40 pm crazies...)

  4. Exercise? A health insurance company that pays you? A size 30 waist? Crazytalk!

  5. I need to tape one of those pictures to my fridge as inspiration to not overeat. And I spotted the martini! Yay me!