Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Doctor Doctor

Good Evening, Kittens.

Not much exciting happened yesterday (Tuesday). I finally called my parents to tell them what happened. Fortunately, my father answered and, given his former profession, he is much better at hearing shocking news without Freaking the Fuck Out. I let him tell Mom after we got off the phone.

Today, I was at work until about noon. Then, I had a doctor's appointment to check on the healing process as well as just get some general stuff checked out.

Good news is that I seem to be healing fine. Although, I do have to make an appointment with an ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) doctor to check on my fractured sinus and burst ear drum.

Bad news is that I may have high blood pressure. The doctor thinks that because of my weight, lifestyle, etc., it is probably hereditary. I need to check with the folks. I believe my Dad is on some sort of blood pressure medication. My cholesterol and other stuff is all fine and dandy.

Also, I am 27 pounds underweight.

And, I'm pretty sure one of the medical technicians was flirting with me. He gave me his card and said I should email him if I had any questions. Then, he paused and said, "or if you just want to email me."

This is what I looked like:

bruiseday10 002

So sexy! My bruises bring all the boyz to the yard.

After my doctor's appointment, I came home to clean. My friend, Alison, is coming for a visit, arriving tomorrow evening. I have come to the realization that my spare room is a cat hair nightmare. I think I will ask her to sleep on an inflatable mattress in the living room. Less privacy, but also less feline furs.

AND, I am doing laundry. I have the rockingest Wednesday nights!

Have a great evening!


  1. Glad to hear you are healing well and still picking up the men. You've got skillz. Have fun with your visitor.

  2. Fractured sinus. Christ.


  3. Yay for supportive PU's!
    Yay for great Dr's! Boo on the meds - WTF????
    I will totally give you 27 pounds. That is how good of a friend *I* am.
    I have not seen anyone else offer....hmmph!

    Also? Not to be personally personal, but maybe you need a Dyson?

    Party on!

  4. You are all kinds of the sexy.

  5. rn terri10:24 AM

    Lookin good...

  6. I bet you could paper your living room with all the cards you've gotten from cute guys flirting with you.

    On the down side: 27 pounds UNDERweight. Bitch. I got about 75 pounds or so you can have.


  7. You should be eating more healthfully. 27 pounds underweight doesn't sound so great to me.

    Yay for healing.

  8. Every new photo finds you looking better. Can't wait till your 100%. Now go eat a cookie. Or two.

  9. Twenty SEVEN pounds underweight. When I go down there for a visit in a few weeks, we are not shopping, we are not sight-seeing, we are not bar-hopping. I will be cooking all weekend and feeding you until you burst.

  10. I'm soooooooo behind on blogginess. You didn't state if the mt was cute... inquiring minds. Glad you're on the mend!