Thursday, April 21, 2011

Something I Have Recently Discovered That I Do Not Like

Good Afternoon, Kittens ...
Here is something that I recently discovered that I do not like:
Having a doctor shove a tiny little camera up my nose.
On a brighter (and less ouchie, sting-y, tear-inducing) note, I received two packages yesterday:
1. Mad Men, Season 4, and
2. MY NEW iPHONE!!!!  YAYZ!  Now, we can all play Words With Friends again (my user name is sed317).  And, unless your user name is Tornwordo or ShallowGal, I hope you don't mind me beating you so bad you actually whimper with pain.
Also, the otolaryngologist (who shall henceforth be known as Painful Camera Up the Nose Shover) did not detect any major problems and thinks the healing process is proceding swimmingly.  My bruise is almost gone ... which is a little sad, because as goes the bruise, so goes the sympathy.
I will be venturing forth to NYC on May 1st, because I have to testify (TESTIFY!) in front of the Grand Jury on the morning of the 2nd.  Joy.
Oh, and have I mentioned that I have a second date with the SuperCute English Lit teacher on Saturday?  I am very looking forward to that.
(and I have a lunch date on Friday with another SuperCute guy.  Yay.)
I guess that's about it.
Have a great day (and I hope no one shoves a camera up your nose today)!


  1. That sounds very painful, however glad to hear that everything is healing nicely. Have fun on your dates.

  2. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa Grand Jury is BIG stuff at least here in Califnornia that is not just your run of the mill A&B (Assault and Battery). This is either gang related or something perhaps more sinister!
    Sorry your bruise is going away and glad your bruise is healing.

  3. The camera up the nose sucks. The worst is sneezing with the thing up there. Stupid sneeze reflex.