Thursday, April 28, 2011

VUBOQ and the Bi-Polar Day

"Good" Evening, Kittens.

What a day of ups and downs ...

A project I have been working on for awhile was about to "go live." I asked a couple of co-workers to test it. And they couldn't even access it. Boo.

So, I called IT. They fixed the problem. Yay.

So, I asked one co-worker to try it out. It seemed to work. Yay.

Then, my boss (the one who denied my travel for training because there wasn't enough money) announced that, in addition to two co-workers who he's sending to Vegas for training (I'm not overly pleased about this), he now wants another co-worker to go ... because she needs this "crucial training" ... even though there is only ONE class (out of the 4 day training) that applies to this co-worker's job. WTF? BOOOOOO!

So, I took a long lunch. Yay!

When I got back from lunch, I learned that the test try my co-worker made on my project wasn't recorded for some reason. Boo.

Then, I coordinated a very successful site visit and meeting with a lighting contractor. YAY!

Then, I went home. Yay!

And, I went for a run. Yay!

And, I got ready for the date I've been looking forward to all week. YAY!

And, then, J calls and says he is having to work late and cancels the date. BOOOOO!

BUT, he does seem sorry and still very into me ... so even though I am reduced to eating a bag of kettle corn and drinking lots of bourbon. YAY!

Bi-Polar Days kinda suck.



  1. Bugger it. And double boo on your boss for jerking you around and wasting money on some other idjit. Hope you can reschedule the date for soon.

  2. I was SO afraid the date didn't happen when you posted about boiling water on FB.


    I love bourbon. I want a mint julep. More importantly, I want mint julep glasses.

  3. rn terri10:24 AM

    My Thursday sucked too.......

  4. At least there is a future date.

  5. At least you had more YAY!s then BOO!s, so there's that. Hope you have a YAY! only weekend.