Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Is It Thursday Yet?

Good Morning, Kittens.
How is everyone doing today?  Bright-eyed?  Bushy-tailed?  I certainly am ...
Although I have had a productive day (thus far) ... which is good, because yesterday I did fuck all in my dehydrated hungover Monday coma.
And, once home, I did even less.  Oh, wait.  I did change a lightbulb.  I accomplished something!  Yay me!
I also learned about the Most Awesome Thing EVER: the Goat Patrol.  I think my area needs one of these.  I could be the goatherd!  And live high on a hill!  And be lonely! Lay-odalay-odaloh!
AND, best of all, I made a third date with J.  for Thursday.  after work.  Yay!  (Have I mentioned that he is SuperCute?  Because he is.)
Today, when I get home, I need to go for a run. I have not been running as much as I should.  I have also been ignoring my gym membership.  I need to get back into that.  *ugh*  Maybe I should hire a trainer.  That would help, I guess.
OK.  That's all the rambling goodness for today.
Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. rn terri11:07 AM

    A third date? Things seem to be going well......... ;-)

  2. Yay for date three!

  3. Nathan V1:36 PM

    Trainers are expensive but their nagging makes it very worthwhile.

  4. Too bad goats can't clean houses too.

  5. Third date? You guys are practically married! :)

    Have fun.