Friday, April 15, 2011

The Bruises You Gave Me Are Just About to Fade

Good Morning and Happy Friday, Kittens!
Yesteray was an exciting day!  I woke up with a splitting, stabby headache.  So, I popped two Advil, called my boss, and went back to bed.  I rolled into work around 10:30, feeling less headachy and a bit more rested.  The headache still lingered a bit though.  Bah.
After work, I met my friend, Alison, at Union Station.  She's here visiting for the weekend.  We went back to my place, rested for a bit, and, then, went to El Golfo for dinner.  Mmm.  Spinach Enchiladas. 
Today, I think the plan is that I'm meeting her at the National Gallery of Art.  Then, we will have an early dinner at Jaleo (yum!  Sangria!) and head back to the Spring to hang out with Tomokito for awhile.
Saturday and Sunday are still kind of up in the air.  She has plans to meet friends.  I will be hanging out with Kris on Saturday evening.  If the weather's nice on Sunday, maybe we'll do a picnic or something.  She heads out at some point on Monday.
I wouldn't mind swinging by the pottery studio on Sunday.
And I guess that's about it.
Here's my latest bruise picture.  It's looking much, much better, methinks.
Have a great day and a groovy weekend!


  1. Wow, it's almost gone. That's great. Have a fun weekend with your friend.

  2. Yay for looking better and eating.

  3. Hahaha! I get it. (But I've still never heard that song.)

  4. Art and sangria - sounds perfect.