Friday, April 01, 2011

Not an April Fool. Usually.

Good (still, but barely) Morning, Kittens!

Lots of fun and exciting things going on in the Life of VUBOQ. Most
exciting, of course, is that I am treating myself to a fun-filled trip
to New York City (Big Apple!) this weekend. I depart on the 5:05
train. Yay! Whilst there, I will be crashing with the most fabulous
David P ... and attending his house-warming party (there may -or may
not- be some blackberry-infused vodka contributed by yours truly). It
also turns out that Eric from Baltimore will be in the city this
weekend. We will try to hang out at some point on Saturday, I think.

I am also hoping to hang out with several other friends and make a
pilgrimage to the Mothership (a.k.a. UniQlo).

As for what has been happening in my life the past few days, on
Wednesday night, I did laundry, using our Brand NEW front-loading
energy efficient washing machines. Sweet.

And, last night, I had Date #2 with the cute little boy with whom I
had lunch the other day. He's cute. And, we may -or may not- have
made out for awhile in Eastern Market Metro Station. What can I say?
After 2 margaritas and 2 beers, I sometimes want a little lip
exercise. Is that so wrong? It was fun.

I guess that's all the news. I'll be home on Monday evening (in time
for pottery class). Stay tuned to twitter and facebook for all my
exciting updates.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Making out in public can be fun, especially after multiple drinks.

    Have fun in New York! I am jealous of the good times.

  2. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Have fun in NYC and say hi to David and Eric! I will be stuck in Silver Spring...may try to go to NYC in May.

    xoxo Tomokito

  3. Lucky duck. Say hi to David for me and tell us all about his new pad.

  4. Anonymous11:20 PM

    Soooooooo jealous, I haven't been to NYC in a few years. I'll have to go this summer...wish I had a friend to stay with instead of having to shell out for hotel, but I love NYC enough to drain the savings...have fun!!!!
    --Ellen of

  5. Mmm... blackberry infused vodka. Cheers to you and David!