Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Earth Day

Good Morning, Kittens.
Happy Earth Day.  Happy Good Friday.  Happy regular Friday. 
I am at work and not very motivated.  I have have been doing some job soul-searching, and I think I need to start preparing for a move to something else.  I was thinking that I would enjoy this job if every day weren't such a total clusterfuck of incompetance ... like if I had this same job with an organization who had their shit together.  Of course, if the organization had their shit together, they would know I'm not qualified for the position.  *sigh* ...
So, for what jobs am I qualified?  Who knows?  When I make a list of things I am good at: writing, explaining concepts, creative approaches, etc., they point to some sort of career in education.
And, as Gawd as mah witness, I will never teach in the public school system again.  I guess I could try teaching somewhere else?  Private schools? Adult education? Education division of an environmental organization?  BUT, how do you make that transition after more than 13 years of being out of the education field?
Also, education pay is crap.  And I have a mortgage.
And marrying rich doesn't seem to be a viable option.
Nor does winning the lottery (although I keep trying).
Enough about my career crisis, my weekend is going to be full of fun and excitement.  Tonight, in celebration of the Death of Our Lord, Jesus H. Christ, I am going on a date to Lauriol Plaza (not my favorite restaurant, but he picked it) to drink many many margaritas and possibly eat some foodz.  There is a good probability that there will be some making out afterwards ... even though I am not so sure about any sort of future with this guy.  I need to start focusing on (a) finding a rich husband and (2) dating with the LTR in the back of my mind ... I would like to find someone with whom I could spend a significant amount of time (y'know, like longer than a few dates and a couple of rolls in the hay) in some sort of monogamous kind of way. 
But, I digress.  We were chatting about my weekend plans ... on Saturday, I am going to clean and grocery shop and iron.  Then, in the evening, I am meeting up with the English Lit teacher for date number 2.  We are going to his place for cocktails and movies.  I think I may like this one a lot, so I am concerned about moving too fast.  I shall try to keep all of this in perspective.
AND, on Sunday, I am going to Easter Brunch to celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord, Jesus H. Christ, with a large group of hot gay men and many, many boozy beverages.  There is also the possibility that I, along with SCGB, will be going to the German (SCGB's former roommate) and his wife's house for dinner later that evening.  We shall see.
I guess that's about it.  Have a great day!


  1. The "H" stands for Hussein.

  2. With education on everybody's budget chopping block, I'm not sure now is the time to move into that field.

  3. Let me know if you find a rich husband - maybe then you could adopt us. I am an excellent cat-sitter, and the dogs love cats (in a friendly but very respectful sort of way, not in a dinner sort of way...). We had a flood in our bottom floor on Monday, and the entire week had been stupidly stressful (and I'm unemployed - I can't imagine actually trying to work with the chaos going on). So please drink at least on margarita for me. (Or a half dozen. Or have a single malt scotch, neat, please.)

    -Dr. Liz (who is looking for a rock to hide under at the moment)

  4. maybe go back to school to become an environmental law attorney? You obviously have the brains and the creative skillzzz... hmmm think on it. :)
    Happy Easter!

  5. There should be a class to take on How To Find A Rich Husband...

  6. The lottery thing isn't working for me either. I think the rich husband may be the way to go. Better odds.

    Happy Resurrection of Our Lord, Jesus H. Christ!