Friday, January 28, 2011

Only in DC?

For lunch today, one of my co-workers and I decided to go to Matchbox on Barracks Row. The table across from ours was a rather large party of about 7 or 8. It looked like a bunch of work people out for a business lunch. Possibly some sort of government contractor gathering. Mostly upper middle-aged (like 45-50?).

I was chatting with my co-worker, but since their table was in my line of sight, I couldn't help but be distracted by what was going on. Two slightly younger blonde women at the end of the table seemed to be in charge and ordered appetizers for the group as they waited for a few people to straggle in.

Before the entrees arrived, the women stood up and, after explaining that they had meant to do this earlier ... the paperwork took a long time ... the CRA (Continuing Resolution Act, which probably means nothing to people outside the Beltway), etc. etc. etc., they passed out gift bags to each person. "The pink ones are for the women, the blue ones are for the men," one of the blonde women said.

The group opened up their gift bags. And what was inside?


Did this group of contractors squeal and clap their hands? Did they do little happy dances of joy? Did they even say an audible (to a table away) thank you?


They looked at the boxes. Looked slightly perplexed. Put the MOTHER-FUCKING iPADS back in the gift bags. And started talking about other things.

Seriously, give me an iPad and I'm going to open the friggin' box and look for a forkin' electrical outlet. Let's fire this bitch up and see what she can do.

One gentleman with a "US Navy" lanyard, pulled out his Blackberry and I really wanted to walk over to him and say, "You'd better be tweeting 'My company just gave me a MOTHER-FUCKING iPAD' and not checking your email!"

Somehow, I doubt he was tweeting.



  1. Victoria7:38 PM

    45-50 . . . upper middle-aged??? That hurts.

  2. Thank you Victoria. LOL

    I think I'd be stunned and just do what everyone else does. And then I'd have to give it back because we can't accept gifts that expensive. And I'd cry.

  3. Just to clarify:

    1. by "upper middle aged" I mean "older than I am" and since I'm 40 (almost 41! gah!), i thought 45-50 was a good upper middle age range. I apologize to those in the 45-50 age range who were offended. I still LOVE YOU ALL!

    2. I believe all the people at the table were government contractors (who worked for the two blonde women), not government employees.

  4. Whaaaaa...?!?!?!? The public library system is collapsing. Teachers are getting furloughs. All public servants are working for pennies. THEY yawn when they get iPads. MF iPads! Do you think they would have given one of theirs to you if you asked? You know, 'cause they clearly aren't interested.

    iPads. Damn.

  5. my boss has an ipad (a present from his mom and girlfriend) and he's super stoked about it. he hauls that thing everywhere with him, including shift report so he can play angry birds.

    i want an ipad too. in fact, i want one of *their* ipads.


  6. I would have so done the happy dance. Maybe that's why I've never been hired by the public sector. And ouch, I'm 45!

  7. We got my mother an iPad for Christmas and she loves it. I've used it, but I haven't been that impressed with it. Not that I would have shaken a stick at a gift of one, mind you.

    Like dykewife, I have a coworker who has one that takes it everywhere. Including the bathroom. It skeeves me out. What you do in the privacy of your own home is fine, but at work? Srsly, leave it in your office.