Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gin or Gym (or Both!)?

Good Morning, Kittens.
Last night, after much deliberation and waffling and procrastination, I went to the gym.  What had happened was that after work, I realized I had no food.  So, on the way home, I stopped by the Whole Foods to do some grocery shopping.  Which meant that I got home later than usual.  Which meant that I couldn't eat a quick, light dinner and properly digest before heading to the gym at 7:30.  Which meant that instead of having a quick, light dinner, I had a very nice martini.  While drinking the martini, I made a not so quick, slightly heavier dinner - veggie tacos.  Yum!
Once I had eaten those, I floundered around thinking of what I should do next.  I watched a DVD.  Around 8:15, I thought, "Hm.  Maybe I should go to the gym, because I'm not going to have another chance until the weekend."  So, I rushed around, put on my gym clothes, caught an 8:25 bus, and was at the gym by 8:30. 
I ran for about 3.25 miles in about 40 minutes (I walked the first and last 5 minutes).  Then, I hopped off the treadmill, gathered my belongings, and hopped on a bus back home.
And, I went to bed.  Good times.
Have a great day!


  1. rn terri10:32 AM

    THAT is motivation! Good for you!

  2. Yay for keeping up the gym pace.

  3. this makes me chuckle. You rode a bus to a place where you walked/ran for 40 minutes and then rode the bus home. Couldn't you have just taken a 3 mile walk for 45 minutes around the area you live and ended up at your house, saving bus fare and the gym membership?

    Course, all I did last night was sit on my fat ass an watch Star Trek DS9 on DVD, so who am i to judge? :)

    Keep up the good work!


  4. You're so dedicated. I salute you.

  5. A martini and THEN the gym? Dude. You have much fortitude than me. Once I've had a drink, my body goes into 'retire for the evening' mode.... ;-)

    Dr. Liz (who neither drinks nor goes to the gym...)

  6. You just inspired me to work out today.

  7. I am picturing you at the gym, on the treadmill, holding a martini.